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  3. CVCX Question
  4. cvdata
  5. Adding standard deviations together
  6. Coin Toss
  7. CV and Spanish 21?
  8. Standard Deviation - Multiple Hands
  9. What's luck got to do with it? The math of gambling
  10. ~Ferrets Law~
  11. Long Run EV
  12. CVCX Question
  13. Session Bank Roll vs Variance
  14. Calculating CE outside of BJ
  15. probability ?
  16. I NEED HELP with a Black Jack (2 Aces) Basic Strategy!!!
  17. Real Time Data
  18. Not blackjack, but a question about calculating EV.
  19. Index Generation
  20. RA insurance
  21. OCP Guessing on Paints/Asymmetric Loss Function
  22. Zen TC frequencies
  23. Pivot point, counting point and 'off the top' advantage
  24. Simulation of Oscar's Grind for fixed EV
  25. odds of losing?
  26. Risk Averse Betting
  27. CVData - TC mods based on shoe depth
  28. Probability question
  29. Standard Deviation of an Ace
  30. Software simulator and unexpected results
  31. complicated probability question
  32. Double Down on Blackjack?
  33. Penalty for violating BS
  34. Risk of Ruin
  35. Of Black Swans and Black Jacks
  36. N0 - n zero
  37. logic of splits
  38. 15 against 10 or ace
  39. Multiple Bets (Not BJ, but definitely theory and math)
  40. Risk of Ruin with tips (or something else)
  41. What's your N0?
  42. Have to live with huge S.D.?
  43. Unbalanced Counts and Efficiency
  44. Basic Strategy
  45. What does it take in computer progamming to upgrade Ken's BJ Trainer
  46. Calculate probability to decide whether to hit/double/split/stand
  47. Assessment of Risk in BJ---Which calculator should you use?
  48. I am due for luck
  49. Wong and Uston indices dont sync!
  50. Side Bet Variance (QFIT?)
  51. Tracking outcomes
  52. Score
  53. Cvbj
  54. Derivation of accurate advantage % table
  55. CE - Certainty Equivalent, what exactly is it's use?
  56. Edge in relation to pen
  57. odds of spending x time in losing ground
  58. BJ Switch math question
  59. Mad about Matts math
  60. How to calculate RA indices from EV,SD at each TC?
  61. Code from Griffen's book?
  62. Calculating Pivot Point for Unbalanced Systems
  63. Illustrious 18 for KO
  64. Dealer bust ratio
  65. Bankroll Management: What if BR diminishes?
  66. How did they come up with these perecentages?
  67. I hate 16.
  68. Playing last base in ENHC
  69. Ploppy Play House Edge
  70. math question
  71. Effect of Removal
  72. BC & PE & IC Equations
  73. Effect of Stop Loss Limit
  74. Cause of the floating advantage!!!
  75. SD and variance clarification
  76. Calculating SD per hand with TC frequencies
  77. 100% pe?
  78. 2-1 win & 5-1 blackjack win PAYOFF
  79. Request "for" "Advanced Sim" by Experienced person
  80. Players Odds with a running count
  81. N0 and Probability of Being Ahead
  82. Bet Sizing in Theoretical Game
  83. I Keep Getting Different Answers
  84. Statistical value of surrender card
  85. 2 players with red 7 Team - Play?
  86. You see the next card, What now?
  87. How often do you get each count?
  88. What are the odds?
  89. Question about CBJN
  90. Why is PE More Important in Handheld?
  91. Should you insure good hands?
  92. shuffle math?
  93. The Theory of Optimal Betting Spreads
  94. Keeping it simple
  95. Split 88 if extra payment?
  96. Sim help
  97. Who will win first hand?
  98. CE/WR ratio
  99. Atalantic City BJ
  100. Doubts on CVIndex
  101. Probability of winning in BJ
  102. Why do casinos win at blackjack?
  103. What if you could take your entire bet back?
  104. Black Swans, Kelly, Sims, Human Perception & Skill
  105. optimum bet sim run
  106. Expected Value of Splitting
  107. Kelly Criterion and the effect of TC on house edge
  108. Is the House Edge a good indicator or a game?
  109. Hot Date with Hot Shoe?
  110. Player A3 VS Dealer 3?
  111. SCORE/c-SCORE/Super SCORE
  112. Excel Help
  113. How is EV defined for doubled and split hands
  114. The Dangers of playing in an Unregulated Casino
  115. What's the House Edge/Player Edge for Blackjack with Bad Beat Bonus?
  116. Blackjack and quantum uncertainty
  117. Adding 50% to EV
  118. Standard Deviation
  119. Optimal betting considering future opportunity
  120. Alternative Index Calculation Method
  121. average & expected value
  122. Win / Loss % of Playing Each Hand Correctly
  123. Overall Risk of Ruin When Investing Bankroll
  124. Variance Equation
  125. 1 or 2 hands when playing Heads-Up in +TC games
  126. Play-all/Wonging Spread
  127. Risk Of Ruin
  128. Blackjack Mathematics
  129. Optimal Bet Sizes
  130. Gains from perfect insurance
  131. Betting correlation efficiency calculations
  132. 6:5 or even money?
  133. Reaching goals
  134. Risk after so many hours
  135. Blackjack Tables that Take Surrendering into Account.
  136. How many max bets does a casino need to have?
  137. pair of 8's against A-4
  138. Single Deck Difference?
  139. Betting Strategies: Is Max Rubin Insane Or Is It Just Me?
  140. win rate
  141. various games
  142. gambler's fallacy?
  143. A shoe with no fives
  144. Advantage of the Insurance bet?
  145. SCORE vs penetration
  146. How good is this Super 6 promo
  147. Basic strategy
  148. Determining RoR using SD
  149. When intuition and math probably look wrong
  150. Lowering Variance by Pooling Bankrolls
  151. Book keeping
  152. Two box RoR maths question for the experts!!
  153. Aces, Aces, Aces
  154. surrendering
  155. What math is involved in Blackjack?
  156. anyone have "mind exercises"?
  157. Question on insurance. Say you have taken insurance and your initial bet
  158. Penetrating Indecision of Indices
  159. Two Aces - special type of BJ
  160. When splitting to two hands do you put 66% of the equivalent bet
  161. Surrender on any number of cards?
  162. Verite results
  163. Exact Split EV
  164. Does EV ever Trump Game Quality?
  165. Optimal betting
  166. EV vs RA Indices Slug it Out
  167. 3.6 SD over on Verite?
  168. what the heck is it? splain please
  169. Do I have this setup incorrectly?
  170. Representative SD ranges requsted
  171. SCORE, NO & Speed of Play
  172. Combinatorial Analysis Programming
  173. Effect on certain rules
  174. Side Count of As VS Composition Dependent Insurance
  175. Sims VS Real World Results
  176. Calculating Full Kelly for Team Play
  177. We lose one-third of the time?
  178. Dark skies ahead
  179. what does %1 advantage specifically mean?
  180. Running up a Bankroll with small buy ins.
  181. Side Count of A For Playing Near Worthless?
  182. certainty equivalent
  183. The Great Debate, With Meaning
  184. Likelihood of -TC shoe returning to + TC
  185. Question about DB Formula.
  186. Distribution of dealer hands
  187. The TC Theorem is Still Denied by Some ...
  188. The Apple Barrel Game
  189. ROR/Expected Win Question
  190. Probabilities of Low Points - Flat bet with BS
  191. Computer Science 101
  192. Half shoe is a good thing?
  193. Basic strategy H17 vs S17
  194. Need bj simulation software with output file
  195. Statistics and Coffee
  196. half kelly
  197. The value of an Ace?
  198. Splitting 6's vs 10 can add EV ?
  199. RoR/BR question
  200. Kelly vs ROR math
  201. Vodoo ploppies are right, we can shove our math and sims :)
  202. Team Play
  203. Insurance for Games without 10's
  204. Kelly bet ramp & variance for side bets
  205. Question About Standard Deviation/Gambler's Fallacy
  206. maximum bet when t/c to high
  207. Kelly-betting for FX trading
  208. ROR sweet spot
  209. Double Down Dealer Delusion or DDDD
  210. What is the ROR if you only wong vs sitting down and playing all hands?
  211. Surrendering based on EV
  212. Eric Farmer code: wrong split EV estimates ?
  213. Multiple Players and Naturals
  214. Money Lending EV
  215. Short deck or bad luck?
  216. Kelly criterion for high variance games
  217. A Question for the Statistics Experts
  218. Added Cards in BJ
  219. Kelly and optimal bet sizing
  220. Faster/clearer computation of dealer probabilities?
  221. flaw with kelly criterion?
  222. Software update with new split EVs
  223. RA Indicies, PE & Count Comparisons
  224. MGP's BJ Combinatorial Analyzer
  225. How does ability/inability to re-split aces affect this website's basic strategy?
  226. Card values for different payouts on naturals
  227. help me with math please
  228. Software Development
  229. calculating frequencies of deck composition
  230. Initial running count
  231. Diaconis et al: Analysis of Casino Shelf Shuffling Machines
  232. Calculating Split EVs Exactly
  233. How much Edge from Optimal Play
  234. CSM Math Question
  235. statistical test question
  236. Help me understand "card eating"
  237. Am i experiencing +EV or is this normal?
  238. Reducing bet with minus tc's
  239. What is the edge with this style of play?
  240. How to calculate RoR?
  241. When to give up EV for reduced variance?
  242. Surrender loses 0.4 bet in stead of half bet
  243. The Replenishable Bankroll
  244. bankroll question
  245. Is EV impacted by when you leave?
  246. More Optimal Split EVs
  247. Comment on Keith Collins calculation
  248. Set up to fail?
  249. What are the odds of winning 13 hands in a row?
  250. probability question