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Default Posting of Rules

During a recent trip a dealer allowed me to split 8's 4 times, then a few hours later at the same place the dealer would not allow me to split more than 3 times. Since this isnt a rule that generally is spelled out on the table, do casinos need to post house rules somewhere per gaming control regulations?
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The common rule allows splitting to up to four hands. A new dealer, in particular, could easily get confused and think this meant that a player could split up to four times.
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Every state has different rules. They are usually online if you want to research it.
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Default Blackjack rules

Here's a link to the NV rules page:
A while back, I was not allowed to double after split at a downtown store. I called gaming (if you play a lot in NV, it's good to have the number programmed into you phone), and was told that's not a rule, like payoffs (3:2, 6:5, etc.) that has to be displayed. It does have be in a book in the pit, I was told.

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