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Default promo. problem

Originally Posted by KenSmith
If you get my newsletter from, you'll already know this.
(And if not, what are you waiting for? Get over to and sign up! You can also read yesterday's newsletter there.) is having one heck of a promotion this Saturday July 15th.
Starting at midnight casino time (Eastern time in the US), the first player who is dealt 21 blackjacks in Spades wins $200,000.
The competition ends at 23:59 Eastern time Saturday night.

You must bet a minimum of $5 per hand to qualify. Now, it'll take a lot of hands to get 21 blackjacks in spades, since you expect that about once every 336 hands.

If you're not substantially ahead of pace after two or three hours, you can probably throw in the towel and save yourself the effort. There are some other prizes amounting to $30,000 as well, so you may want to read all the details here.

I was just made aware of a misunderstanding in the spaded blackjack promotion at
Brace yourself, this is not pretty....
The idea was to see who could get 21 suited, in spades, blackjacks first in a 24 hour period. The problem stems from the fact that the promotions department at counts a suited, in spades, blackjack as Ace-Jack only. Now before you start cussing or laughing, I spoke with Lloyd, a manager at the casino, and he said he would speak with the promotions department to rectify the situation. I explained our view of the situation in this manner. We just promoted your casino because of these possible large jackpots this weekend, and we now look like fools. Not only that, but most of the players who ventured to your site for the first time probably won't be back, unless you fix this misunderstanding. I told him they will lose a lot more than the $200,000 prize, in lost future revenue if they don't own up to the problem, and count all suited blackjacks, which will give someone a chance of actually hitting the 21 needed to win the bonus.

Ken Smith is in transit at the moment, but will have more to say soon. We apologize for any problem this may have caused, but we will not stop until they take care of this situation.
This will be corrected in the players' favor one way or another.
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Yes, I have more to say. Off to the rogue's gallery for them. It is quite apparent that's intent was to mislead players with this promotion, and not actually put their big $200,000 prize at risk.

That'll be the last time I play there, or publish any information about them at my sites.
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Are there any updates on this? Have they done anything to resolve the problem?
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swog was in contact with them on the day of the promotion, and they were sticking to their ridiculous assertion that "Spade Blackjack" meant Ace of spades and Jack of spades.

He also was told that in the weeks leading up to the promotion, that was not the case, so it is apparent that they consciously decided to change it to save $200,000. Perhaps when they created the promotion originally they didn't think anyone would get the money anyway, and they later realized that someone was likely to win it.

Whatever the case, I decided I wasn't even going to bother contacting them afterward. I think it's crystal clear what their intention was, and that's all I need to know. This group recently had another major strike against them because they were allowing some affiliates to use black-hat search engine tactics and stolen website content to drive traffic to them. After a huge uproar by the legitimate affiliate community, they added provisions to their terms prohibiting this behavior, but it is unclear so far how serious they are about enforcing it.

In my opinion, it's two strikes and they're out. There are far too many good casino groups out there that don't pull this kind of stuff.

And of course, I am really unhappy that I promoted this event to begin with. I go to a lot of effort to insure that the casinos and promotions I mention are trustworthy. But, this time I was fooled. Please accept my apologies.
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Default Casino on net /888 worst site ever

casino on net /888.
i joined this casino .what a mistake its got to be the worst casino online .no 100 % bonus games played pathetically 150 quid one scatter feature paying 3 quid totally useless .at least dick turpin wore a mask

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