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i realized that the hay-day for bonus hustling has passed for US players in particular, but if feasible I would like to try and hustle a few....

i've looked into it, and it seems that the main problem is the money thing.... netteller is off limits, credit cards are off limits, so is online gambling impossible for US residents? can anyone give me some help with this, or perhaps advise of a 1st time casino i should give a trial run on? i've found a few lists, like this one:

could someone at least recommend one of these to try out, maybe a $200 deposit, and recommend how to get the deposit to them, mail? paypal? any help to get me jumpstarted would really be appreciated...
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Originally Posted by Mimosine View Post
i've looked into it, and it seems that the main problem is the money thing.... netteller is off limits, credit cards are off limits, so is online gambling impossible for US residents?
That's the main problem all right.

The US gov't does not want a US citizen to gamble on the internet. That's the spirit of the law, I think.

A casino is considered a "financial institution" under Title 31 even though it is not a bank.

I'm not sure where Western Union may fit in under the current law. If you get a check drawn on a Canadian Bank, the US bank that you deposit that check to is not legally allowed to process it, if they know it's from gambling. I had 6 month holds placed on foreign-drawn checks by my local bank. I'm still out $2700 from a reputable casino. And $5500 from another. That was wagered ane earned before the law was passed. That law took me by complete surprise. Suddenly at 3 AM pop-up windows from everywhwere saying I can't play. I saw Neteller coming and cleared that out ahead of time. So, what the heck, I took a little hit at the end. Alot of it was profit anyway, not my buy-in.

If you don't get paid, you may as well try to sue your local bookie for not paying you. You'll have no recourse.

Paypal was gone 100 years ago after the NY Attorney Genl sued them and Ebay bought it, long before the current law was passed.

You find a good +EV deal to make it worth the risk to you, on the face of it with your $200, research the terms of the deal and the casino etc and are willing to take the added risk of being paid, go for it. Worst case, you win and never get paid and lose $200.

A few months back I had a sewries of phone calls with a deal, on the face of it, +EV over $1000. Some new "marketing plan". After 4 askings for a phone number I could call them back on, I finally got one. They actually answered. All they needed was my $750 payable to "Joe Blow" in Venezuela or something. I actually thought about it. Ballless as I am, I don't have the $1K but I still have the $750 lol.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by KenSmith View Post
I don't know if it's still worth it or not. I'm not playing bonuses much anymore, but maybe that's because today's profit potential is nothing like the "good ol' days" of 2000 to 2004. Surely some of you visitors are still working this. What's the word these days?
There's still some good bonuses out there, the problem is there's too many not worth playing with very high WR, BJ only counting as a small % towards the WR or not at all. You have to be prepared to read through lots of T & C's. and then include this wasted time into your expected hourly profit. The best casino bonuses to find are the ones that are offered monthly but these are few and far between.

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Western Union does not fall within the limits, and is acceptable. But you must deposit first, and initiate a transction. More at You need to look at recent news about BoDog and on-line payments under the What's New Tab.
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Default I guess it just depends

I still find myself still hunting good bonus offers but I find that spreading my game options say Blackjack, slots, poker, I tend to gain well over time Although I have not hit a jackpot yet I have come out above the 2000 pound mark, hunting around for bonuses all the time can become tedious and eventually you have to put some real money in the pot.

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thanks for the advice in this thread. i'm going to proceed with caution and get as much info.

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Default no answer

Originally Posted by newbie View Post
Are any online casino's owned and operated by the real life walk in casino's. I would think that if the real casino has an online casino, then if there is a problem, we could go to the real casino?
Hi Guys, This is also my question, i checked the thread and it's not answered yet.
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No, I think you'll find that although the branding may be the same the online casinos will be separate legal entities with individual gaming licences - many of which will be issued by gaming authorities in odd places like the Isle of Alderney (Channel Islands) and Gibralter. Issuing such licences has become a nice little earner for these places and supplements the taxation revenues largely resulting from tourism. Don't expect any help if you get into a dispute with an online casino licenced by them, ie when the cashout doesn't turn up.

I have played some online BJ with a UK based online casino (although it held an Isle of Alderney operating licence), and every month there was an exchange of e-mails with their customer service team regarding the bonus qualification, as their "action meter" (so to speak) never seemed to be that accurate and I ended up having to argue the toss.

I think if you stick with those with established brands you should be OK, but you have to accept it's all at your risk.

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