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Default Singaporean pay $100 levy but get free cruise

With your levy receipt you get a free 2N3D Wednesday cruise on Star Cruises Virgo if you go to pay the levy at sister company Resort World Sentosa.
No gambling at RWS is required but you need to be an existing Star Cruises silver member.
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Default Are there any Attorney/Lawyer out there

Refering to the Benefit from Resort World Sentosa sister company Star Cruises as posted above it would appear that RWS is infringing on the Singapore Law. This is the actual wording of the Law.
Prohibited transactions in relation to entry levy
6. Without prejudice to the generality of section 116(3) of the Act,
an indirect refund, remission or reimbursement of entry levy by a casino
operator to a resident shall include —
(a) the giving of any right, privilege, discount or benefit to the
resident (in addition to entry to the casino premises) by the
casino operator or by any other person under an arrangement
with the casino operator, in exchange for payment of the entry
The wording is so broad that it would cover such prohibited benefit. Or do you see a loophole here in the Law.

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Default what brand of CSM, 1-2-6?

Originally Posted by chessplayer View Post

chessplayer what brand of CSM do they use, I guess One2six.

regards E.H.

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