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Originally Posted by TrueCount View Post
I was cheated once in L.V casino playing next to a drunken pluppy who was betting 1000-2000 per hand. Double Deck.
They never substituted the dealer for the whole session lasting about more than an hour and as soon as the ploppy lost everything about 40-50 grand and left, they changed the dealer , and the PC brought a brand new deck of cards. PC told me to stick around and that with the new cards my luck will change. My instint told me otherwise and I left in hurry.
Perhaps I'm missing the obvious, but how exactly were you cheated again? I don't really see anything out of the ordinary here...there's an especially dumb ploppy who was quickly separated from his money since he bet big and a dumb PC who thinks new decks of cards can change if you are winning or losing. So far it seems standard fare for a casino: dumb PCs and dumber ploppies lol.

And where was this store? Strip or downtown? Ideally if you level a charge of cheating, you have to identify the exact store, but at least narrow down the location.

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