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Old September 3rd, 2011, 11:02 PM
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Default Key word

Originally Posted by tthree View Post
If a company is too big to fail then it is simply too big. Rather than bailing out a dead weight break it up into smaller companies. This would require more employees in total, inspire more innovation and create more competition which is always better for us, the consumers. It is a win, win , win. I don't know why people are so gullible. Maintaining a failed status quo is not good for the general welfare it is only good for those on top of the pyramid. Breaking up the monsters that are destroying us is the obvious solution. Lots of new jobs. Specialization into necessary areas of development. A race to see who will dominate the market with the best improvements over the failed corporate model. Why do people lack the ability to see that small businesses hire the most new employees. It is born out in all the statistics. Break the company up into each plant as an individual company and give incentives for other plants to open in new areas.

Zero percent government loans to innovate in hybrid car plants as a specialty for the new plants. In no time we could lead the world in these areas if the competitive spirit is unleashed. The auto industry is famous for blocking innovation so they don't have to spend money retooling their factories. There has been a history of cooperation between companies here. How terrible would that be. Hire Americans to make the new machinery, build the new assembly lines and man the new factories. Then we can lead the world with the new state of the art facilities. It is a no brainer unless you are the ultra rich guys who risk their position in the pyramid as opportunity abounds for new people to take a large share of the industry they monopolize. This scares them into hiring economists to say what they want. They have the money to pay for "expert" yes men economists and the connections to make sure they hold the positions of power to be hailed as the gurus. It is obvious to the objective eye. To try the same stuff that got us in this mess and trust the bankers, economists and business leaders that plotted our course to were we are today is lunacy but so many parrot the party line to maintain the status quo that change is almost impossible.
Tthree, the keyword is ALMOST. This is what has brought the Tea Party into existance, common ordinary, watch tv on Friday nite people, 2.4 kids, 2 cars, a wife, and a dog , kind of people. They don't live in "their building". They own a modest wood framed house. Maybe lucky enough to have a brick facade. They have worked damn hard for everything they have. They are tired of the same ole crap,, on both sides of the aisle.!!
Luckily we aren't at "impossible change" yet.

Old September 3rd, 2011, 11:04 PM
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Default The mind of the boogey man

Originally Posted by QFIT View Post
Then again, Beck often compares Obama and others with Hitler. One of his favorite comparisons. In a stunning statement, he said the Norwegian camp attacked by right-wing extremist Anders Breivik was a Hitler Youth Camp. He said this about the 70-some children that were slaughtered immediately after the act.
Did a little research on this Anders fellow. I found the typical boogey man mentality that was present after the shooting that wounded our Senator in the head earlier this year. The progressives say he was motivated by conservative beliefs. The conservatives blame the liberals for influencing his thoughts. The right to bear arms blame oppressive gun laws that prevented anyone from having a gun to stop the 90 minute slaughter of unarmed civilians. The gun grabbers blamed the fact that he had a weapon for the incident and demand that gun laws be tightened everywhere. The Christians say he was a non christian as clearly indicated by his actions and was in fact an atheist who hated all religion. The atheist say he is a Christian nut whose whacked out beliefs called him to slaughter in the name of God as ridiculous as that sounds. Although to someone who was clearly insane how can we employ any normal logic to his ideas. In short each outlet for the news shaped it to fit their political agenda to make him into a boogey man motivated by whatever their worst fears are. What you believe depends on the sources you trust unless you view all sources to find a truth somewhere in the middle of them all. Well the middle is he is a lunatic whose mind had no normal coherent thought. We will never understand his logic because it is not logical but rather insane.

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