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Old October 26th, 2011, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by QFIT View Post
I am in favor of discussions on subjects that do not result in vulgar, personal attacks. Unfortunately, those subjects did not work here. And, I really think the subject should be dropped instead of looking backward in an effort to assign blame.
Actually, I do not wish to assign blame so much as to admit to the reality of the impossibility of 100% civil discourse given the differences in our individual "wiring," if you will. What I may see as a shortcoming, another may see as a virtue, and I am well aware that I do not have all the answers. Math class would be chaos if all subjects were allowed free reign, and that is good enough reason for rules of conduct. So long as this board is intent on being nothing more than a blackjack/advantage play information board, I have no conceptual problem with it, although I personally wish more than one subject, more than one classroom, were held within its hallowed walls. So I suppose what I am saying, I am content with a classroom for purposes of advantage play, but I hope to find a university some day that has a larger curriculum. I do not hope to turn into such a university-- that's not my place, and I do know my place-- that is Ken's purview, right and authority, and he has spoken clearly and definitively. I am determined to fully comply, although I haven't had a good track record so far. I believe you feel the same, about the compliance, that is.

Everyone on the board should comply, and I, as one of the biggest offenders, promise to make a concerted effort to be an offender no more.

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