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Default Conditions at XXHaciendaXX

I plan to be at XXHaciendaXX in Boulder City in November. CBJN reports $3 mins, pretty decent rules and reasonable pen. If anyone has any inside scoop worth sharing, I would appreciate a PM. I am a red chipper.

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Smile Hacenda

single deck low limit good rules full table 1 hand heads up maqybe 4 hands
good luck
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Default Trip Report

So my brother and I spent four days here and I thought I would post some comments. We actually spent most of our days away from here, but our nights and evenings were spent here. This is definitely a "value" place to stay, but the rooms were neat and clean even if they did have a dated look and really no amenities. The blackjack was low stakes all the way. They did not even have any black chips in the racks! That being said, there are definitely some opportunities here if you you are happy to do red and light green. But the green probably needs to be Very light. They had a 6 deck, a double deck and a single deck table. Not all were open all the time, but there were times when all three were open. There were other tables, but I never saw more than three open at a time. If you are interested in more specifics on the games, PM me please. We found the staff (waitresses, dealers and pit) very casual and generally friendly.

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