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Originally Posted by blackjack avenger View Post
Isn't it how you get the big roll? By staying in the game with fractional Kelly?
yes that's how i see it. fractional Kelly puts your ROR way down, so with an advantage over time even with ups and downs of the concomitant volatility one can weather the storm and come out ahead, with a bigger big roll.
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Originally Posted by leatherguyray View Post
When folks put down negative progressions, as they should, they always refer to the system carried to infinity (which in reality is a table limit and ruin). A negative progression properly employed can be and often is a very useful tool. In years of experience using it I find that most especially in choppy play (win one, lose one) a three bet negative progression is always a money maker when applied to your small, waiting, bet. Bet a Bet a dime...lose. (Choppy and you are down a nickle.) Next bet another 10. A win does what martingale does. A loss makes you down 15. Next bet is 15 shooting for even and if the cards are indeed running choppy you probably won the ten and will almost certainly win the 15. Plug in any numbers you want, but only do a total of three negative bets. Everything is 50/50 and that can't change, but cards run the way cards run. We all know that. If they are indeed choppy this works. If they are not choppy, you be your own guide dog and do what floats your boat.
I can see when the hand outcome has been choppy. My problem is I can't see when the hand outcome WILL be choppy. Classic ploppy thinking that a past trend indicates what the future holds.
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SBT...This has been hashed out many, many, many times.........Please read and try to understand and you will become one of the fortunate few who crosses over from from the "darkside" of fallacy into the light......

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