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Default RG3 went from +300 to -500 in 12 hrs

I think we have a winna....good news for Luck and Indi Colts is that Heisman winner usually sucks as a pro

There’s nothing worse than finding out what you’re getting for Christmas before you even get to unwrap one gift.

That’s how college football fans feel with reports surfacing that Baylor Bears quarterback Robert Griffin III will win the 2011 Heisman Trophy when the award for college football’s most outstanding player is handed out in New York Saturday night.

As first reported by, Griffin’s Heisman odds at offshore sportsbook moved from +300 to -500 in just a 24-hour period.

According to Dave Manson, a spokesperson for, the book took a few max-limit plays on Griffin at +300, driving the price down to +150. Since then, money has poured in on Griffin, moving the odds to a pricey -500 and shortening limits on the prop to $250 per wager.

“Yeah something definitely smells a little fishy here,” Mason told “We didn’t expect such massive one-sided action, especially with big names like (Stanford QB Andrew) Luck and (Alabama RB Trent) Richardson out there. We’ll monitor and if the money keeps coming in on RG3 - no matter how high we put the odds - we’ll have to draw our own conclusions and probably shut it down early.”

Heisman voters had to submit their ballots Monday afternoon, which seems to follow the timeline for a leak.

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