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Default The BlackjackInfo Message Boards are closed to new posts

I realize this will be the most unpopular decision I've ever made as administrator of this site.
But, yes, I have decided to shut down the boards and transform them into an archive.
The idea has been one I have considered for months now, and I finally have come to terms with the decision.

I am truly fortunate. I have been able to spend my entire life doing things that I enjoy.
I no longer enjoy running the message boards. Frankly, managing a message board never fit
well with my lifestyle. As many of you know I spend extensive time away from the site
making money from our preferred source of funds instead.

The negativity that comes from having to deal with administrative issues is a drain.
And no matter how smoothly things run at any given time, the issues of spam, trolls, and
flames will always be a part of the process.

I am just not willing to spend my time doing things I do not enjoy.

The boards have been an amazing place for this 6 1/2 years.
I cannot begin to say Thank You enough, to you, the participants, and especially the volunteer moderators for
the work they have done.

Posting will be available through the weekend, and on Monday the change will be made.

Again, thank you all.
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