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Default An eye opener from a shift manager's office

An eye opener's observed during a visit to a shift manager's office

Years ago a dispute got me into the office. Perhaps I may be the only AhPee allowed & invited into the office so far in that casino. Naturally I was not allowed into its surveillance room to see the tape, but the "evidence" was redirected onto the manager's monitor. I was very impressed by its Hi-Techs which "can" manipulate any way a casino wants to... in support of its assertion.

Now I understand what the "selective video-taping" means when David has implied that casinos can make a strong case against APs by their "selective video tapings". For example, if their "selective video tapes" have showed that you got 100% correct in the insurance bets, then you're a card-cheater/card-marker.

"CCC keeps card cheater on blacklist

Card counting is allowed at the Atlantic City casinos. Card cheating, of course, is not. David H. Morse claims he's a card counter, but others have labeled him a cheater."

The above quote's taken from Al Rogers' Newsletter dated June 16, 2006

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