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Default A standing offer

As far as team play is concerned; there are only so many times that the same 2 or more people can show up at the same table. The casinos are not stupid (well; SOME of them are). For this reason I'm always looking for new partners. MY requirements for prospective partners, in order of importance are:
Honesty, discretion, and no drug or alcohol problems. Less important but helpful attributes would be: Ability to travel, knowledge of basic strategy, good eyesight, rudimentary computer programing skills; etc. Though not really all that necessary for most of the strategies I employ; I guess card counting skills wouldn't hurt!

I'm not particularly interested in teaming up with established pros, because all too often they'll stick around long enough to learn any secrets I may have, and the next thing you know; rather than a loyal teammate and friend, I've gained a competitor! However, I COULD consider teaming up with an established AP if we had mutual friends such as Frankie, Kathy or Sam (last names left out for obvious reasons), or certain other people, from whom we could have each other vouched for.

This is a permanent offer. Anyone who thinks they may be interested; please e-mail me at All inquiries will be considered.

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