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Default USA Casino will deny your WD Request

DO NOT PLAY AT USA CASINO!I recently played at USA Casino and was denied my request to withdrawl funds despite the fact I exceeded the wagering requirement, and BJ was not one of the games disallowed in the Terms and Conditions. I made my request on Monday, received notice that I did not meet my wagering requirement and I would have to play more.

"Impossible," I thought, since I only deposited $25, got a bonus of $25 for a total of $50 (duh). The wagering requirement was 8x the deposit and bonus, so I had to wager $400, which I knew I did. I was betting $25 per hand! And I was playing for two hours. You do the math.

Any ways, a long story short, when I called USA Casino, they confirmed I did meet the wagering requirement, I then asked when I could expect the funds to be credited to my account, which they stated, you have to go back to the casino and request the withdrawl again! AGAIN! Then I asked, what if you deny it again, she said, then we will try to rectify it, deja vu? I am going to make the request again and see what happens. But to all of you fellow on line casino players - if you want your winnings, don't play at USA Casino! NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING the bonus, I don't think I will get my money in the next month! But I will post another message after I get the next response!
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Definitely let us know how that works out. I haven't played at USA Casino in a long while, but I didn't have any problems a few years back when I played there.

As far as I know they're still considered reputable. Do let us know if this doesn't get fixed. Actually, let us know either way. Thanks.
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Sometimes you have to give the software a few hours to update itself after playing so it realizes you've met WR and then it'll process the withdrawl. Hopefully everything works out.
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Well just an update, I was so frustrated by their lack of customer service, Pissed off and tired (Bad, Bad combo), I tried to meet the wagering requirement (despite the fact I already did) and lost my winnings in the process. Needless to say I have stopped gambling at USA Casino.

But don't let me deter you from gambling at USA Casino, just be sure to read the wagering requirements for any bonuses your receive and know what games count towards meeting those requirements. That's just my two cents.

Casinos I had no problem cashing out were Sands Casino, Golden Palace, Intercasino, and Blackjack Ballroom (although they take their sweet ol' time).
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oh and be sure to keep track of your wagering to be sure you meet the wagering additional two cents for you. As I mentioned, I was flat betting for several hours and I thought I met the requirement, but who know's. To late now.

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