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Default On the Ball Investments: Football Picks

This is glovesetc old page just reinvented thanks to Ken Smith the owner and chief of the forum . We are going to be seeking a name for the old free football picks thread . We are going to let the room name it as it belongs to all in the forum . Well anyhow Ken asked me to write a little about myself . My name is Marshall and I am 60 plus and semi-retired . I was in a few businesses over the years and recently {2 years ago} sold them . I have picked football for 27 years now and I have been extremely lucky in doing so .I will post all free picks in here for your perusal at your convenience . The room name will be whatever the forum and Ken and I think is appropriate . Thanks to Ken the winning name will receive a copy of Kens latest book as the prize for winning. The only rules are no obscene names and preferably with an investment angle in the name . The players all know how I look at it and that I approach it as an investment and not a gamble . Anyone may post as well . Sharing views and thoughts are always good on games .Good luck on naming the new thread and may we all continue to prosper .

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Thanks Marshall.

One correction... Whoever's name suggestion is the final choice can choose any book in the BlackjackInfo store as their prize. Or, if they prefer, they can choose my tournament E-book.

I'll let Marshall decide how the judging will work, and whether the finalists will be subject to a poll or not.
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Default Sorry Ken

there you go guys you now have even a wider choice to choose your prize from compliments of Ken Smith and the blackjackinfoforum. You may submit as many entries as you want and Ken will have the final decision on the contest . Submit them here on this thread as well and that will make it easier for Ken to collect them . Then he can choose the name and the winner or put it up to a poll. Thanks as always in advance .

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How about "Sports Betting"? Or "Sports Betting and Finance"?
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"Beat the bookies, not your wife".
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Default naming the thread

I would like to be the first to offer a few suggestions. #! Advantage forum, #2 Getting the Edge #3 Inside the Edge #4 Sports Insider. These are just a few I hope I win I could always use a new book. blackchipjim
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"Beat the Spread"

However, I find Shadroch's hilarious!

good luck
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How about "Football Picks"?

Which books can I choose?
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Default Name This Forum

Given that Gloves' investment system has zero correlation with any major market index, and it obviously involves the game of football, I propose "The Market Neutral Zone".
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"Gloves Off Picks"

Billy C1

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