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Originally Posted by FLASH1296 View Post
johndoe said:

"Yes, I had to pay $5 for cocktails as is standard policy (I didn't ask for freebies there), but I think cheap beer (bud etc.) was free."

All alcoholic beverages are forbidden as comps due to a clause in the state compact agreement.
I may be mistaken, I had thought that cheapo beer was free. I was buying all my (few) cocktails anyhow.
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Yes you are mistaken, but it is a moot point anyway.
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I went there while in Miami on vaca only due to a free $50 promo they were offering....drove about ah hour or so there....waited an hour and a half in line to get my promotional money....they gave me 25$ and said if I wanted the other 25 I'd have to come back that My plane left before then. I even called on the phone and asked about fine print or anything on their website...i made sure to check...worst part was the person on the phone lied when I asked if I could use it at the tables...ended up breaking even from a shitty slot machine and then go look for a table....nothing under 25$ a hand...needless to say I didn't turn my free 25$ into a damn thing, and wasted 2.5 hrs driving, and dinner money...Hard Rock pwnd me
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so does FL have any VBJ machines? what about the gulf coast of MS? u know the kind that pay correct on a BJ, and where u can play up to 5 spots.
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Hard Rock Tampa has multi-hand VBJ that pays 3:2, but I'm not sure how the shuffles work, or if it's not just a virtual CSM.
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I went to hard rock in hollywood this weekend. One more thing i noticed in addition to what others have posted is side bets. I never saw a place with side bet option before. They have the match the dealer sidebet. The pen was better than most reported. I played with 5 different dealers in 2 days and it was about 1.4 to 1.6 or so. You can play upto 3 hands. The count skyrocketed once and i spread to 4 hands and the dealer said i cant. So i gave the money to the guy sitting next to me and told he can play it for me , Lol. One interesting aspect that i noticed here is the CSM tables are equally full as the ASM tables. When i went on sunday morning, the CSM tables were busier than the ASM. Table limits are ok , 10-1000,15-1500,25-2500,50-3500. I dont know if the dealers can give you heat , but all of them except one asian gentleman seem to be pissed and throwing chips into their bank with a loud crash and etc. The pit bosses seem to be ok with 1-8 spread. I was acting like a drunk anyway .

Few important things :

Friday Night was the Worst. It took me about 30 mins to find a parking spot.
Saturday night was not so bad , but still table min will be 25 for almost all the tables but with lot of empty spots. In fact there were like only 2 people on most tables.
No comps for average players. The casino doesnt have a welcoming feel due to some reason.
Finally S17 , i was surprised at how much difference S17 alone could make. This is the first time i played a S17 too.

And over all the trip was a good scuccess with a little bit of + variance.

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Default Trip report Hard Rock Hollywood-Seminole Casino

Just visited the Hard Rock Hollywood casino and The Seminole Casino Hollywood this past week (March 2011).

The Hard Rock Casino offers 8 deck games with automatic shuffle with minimums typically at $25. Before 6pm you can also find $15 mins. As you all know the game is H17 with no surrender. Splitting 10's is allowed. Penetration is to 1 1/2-3/4 decks. Splitting allowed up to three hands, DAS allowed. If you are there late, after 9pm, table minimums go to $50. Wonging is possible depending on the time of day. If you are there late it can be difficult to find a seat.

There is also a group of 10-12 tables with continuous shuffle machines. The minimums are typically $15 and sometimes $10 earlier in the day. So, no counting is possible!

There is a high limit room with $100 minimums and S17. If I remember correctly, the games were 6 decks.

Better conditions can be found just across the street at the old Seminole Casino Hollywood. It is not a pretty place, but it is a short walk from the Hard Rock. This shop has eight max BJ tables. The game is six decks with a few hand shuffled games also H17. One table had a $5 minimum/$500 max and was hand shuffled. There was also a $10 table with a $1000 max bet still hand shuffled. Only one or two tables had a CSM. It is a little more laid back than the Hard Rock and when I was there in the late afternoon, wonging/finding a seat was not difficult.
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What does this mean:

"This shop has eight max BJ tables."
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Originally Posted by FLASH1296 View Post
What does this mean:

"This shop has eight max BJ tables."
After reading his entire post, I figured that he meant that they have 8 tables at most. There are some errors in his reporting but it's mostly correct. Most importantly you will not find 1 1/2 - 3/4 decks cut off. 1 1/2 - 2 1/4 would be more accurate. Also, I don't recall seeing any hand shuffled games at Seminole Hollywood (not Hard Rock) but I could be wrong. The pens so bad and the shuffle too tough to even bother with either.
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Default TRIP REPORT (abbreviated)

Yeah, pen is awful in Tampa and Hollywood. Completely unplayable games.

I recently found myself in the Florida swamps, armed with $50 in free match
play, and decided to play a little at the Seminole Immokalee Casino.
A free tourist guidebook, picked up on a street corner in Naples, garnered
my spouse and I a pair of lovely $25 match play coupons. The offer was for
those without a Seminole player's card. We were in their data base from the
old days, but they gave them to us anyway.

What they offered, (midday / midweek) besides CSM's, was their no-frills
high-roller pit. There were several $25 tables, and one $50 table. EIGHT
decks, with a uniform 2 deck cut-off. S17. [H.E. = -.43%]

It was the worst game that I have played in many years, but I was [literally]
in the swamps. They had a surprisingly good pair of restaurants at least, and
comp's were VERY easy. NO hotel, and none that I would stay at within a 40 minute drive.

Curiously, I could no wrong as I spread from $25 to 2 x $75 almost a
break-even game and quickly won several thousand bux.
Just one of those semi-spooky lucky days, pocketing > $1,000 an hour.

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