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Originally Posted by PonyPrincess View Post
I was there MORE recent than that but it IS possible there are some 6deck in there, there were no tables going (rest of casino was packed though) and I just assumed it was 8deck because I asked the dealer if it was the same as the main floor and he said, "yes" obviously I wanted to be inconspicuous so I just asked, "Oh like all the rules are the same and the cards derr" and he was like "Yes" and I started getting glared at by the pit so I just left.

Also I'm 100% not surprised about the incident CP said about the AP getting backed off but the other parts ARE surprising AND upsetting but like I said there was a guy there who it seems his only job was to stare at that DD and I got scowled at for halfheartedly glancing at it while pretending to watch the football game. I actually thought I saw an AP at one point since he varied his bets wildly which sort of correlated at first but then he didn't dbl 11 into a 5.
Was there a week ago or so. The Hi Limit shoes are 6 Decks. Pen is nothing to brag about in those games, so don't play them. DD is still being watched like a hawk. I had an average of 1.5 pit boss' watching my table, maybe because there was a guy firing multiblacks, and most of the other tables at that time were empty. The DD on the main floor is a little "cooler", but still be very careful in this place!!!

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