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Originally Posted by horse_johnson View Post
My local casino offers a game perfectly tailored to my limited BR, and in an attempt to keep that going I tipped quite liberally the last time I was there.

That said, I hated doing it because I oppose tipping those suckers on principle. It's not that I'm a miser who hates tipping. I'm a solid 20%+ tipper at restaurants. But waiters and waitresses aren't part of a scam to destroy the lives of weak-minded and usually poor gambling addicts. Your average BJ dealer is an unattractive, unskilled person who has a ridiculously easy job and can't or won't do anything harder. I know the economy is poor, but they choose to work for evil people. They choose to take a job that has a negative effect on society. And I choose not to lift a finger to help them unless, of course, there's something in it for me.
You know some dealers are just going to work to pay the bills and go to school full time. I go to work and have to listen to people bitch at me the whole day because their soft 18 lost against my 19. Then I have to have their smoke blown in my face and have a hospital bill because I went in for bronchitis.

On top of hearing their bitching my hand and wrist is cramping from carpal tunnel and I'm only 22 years old. I'm in the army too and have been on 1 tour already and have all these people tell me I suck cuz I can't bust or have total disrespect for someone who had served them overseas. But anyways the point is, dealers are people too. Lol

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