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This is from TODAY's Las Vegas Sun:

I expected someone to mention how to "middle" NFL games wherein you find
a game with a wider than expected spread when bet at 2 different sports books.

IF the final score falls in the middle, you win BOTH bets.

Clearly advice to "arbitrage" one's bets is a fine art and science
requiring attentive, hard work, sound math, and speedy actions.

I have a friend who has made a living doing just that since leaving Wall St.

Just like game / table selection is key to success at Professional BJ / Poker,
the same holds true re: sports betting. There can be significantly different
spreads / odds offered between Sports Books; and some joints habitually,
offer better (or worse) opportunities, e.g. The L.V. Hilton has traditionally
been a Sports Bettor's delight.

Those considering professional sports betting need to know two thing:
Success is the domain of those willing to spend many hours researching.
Very few succeed at this speculative endeavor. It's harder than it looks.
Sports Books will severely limit your betting action once they figure out
that you are smarter than the average degenerate bettor.

Also note that "Ground Zero" for Professional Sports Bettors is the
"M" in Henderson. They have comfy ultra-modern betting facilities,
and handle an amazingly high percentage of all NCAA and NFL action.

Pro Gambling via sports is not to be attempted without slowly wading into
that battleground with minimum betting.

In the mid 1970's with the advent of the Meadowlands Racetrack, I created,
(with the help of a Ph.D. mathematician friend using regression analysis
based on my data) a handicapping system with which I made very
impressive profits - for three years - when the exhaustive hours of
brute-force number-crunching had me retire from the race track scene.
It was extremely profitable, but those were from an era prior to the
advent of personal computers. Today a spread-sheet would pump out the proper
"overlays" to bet. OH! To be young again !

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Default A Reasonable Response

Originally Posted by BrianCP View Post
I just like investigating everything that I possibly can while still focusing on one or two main items. I find that this approach only slows down mastery while allowing you time to find a potentially more profitable situation.
Now go play poker
learn halves

good cards
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Default Sportsbetting

It can be done
rather difficult
the casinos can still restrict you

I love bj

Not that I am biased, not at all
blackjack avenger
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Originally Posted by blackjack avenger View Post
Now go play poker
learn halves

good cards
I'm trying to learn halves I swear....I'm not monkeying around with Red 7 or anything like that....maybe.....

I am going to start playing poker about 20 hours a week soon though. Had a hell of a time finding a job, my parents care more about the work experience than the money, so I'm going to volunteer somewhere and make half minimum wage on poker for now.

Wish me luck.....

and good cards I suppose

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