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Question CTR - Cash Transaction Reports

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience dealing with Cage/Gaming staff handling CTR's (Cash Transaction Reports)? Trouble with identification, anxiety about giving out your AP information or any experience with potential suspicions over your cash transactions?

I've just been reading some information regarding all of this from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC) and state and federal sites.

Anyhow, yeah - if you have any stories or experiences to share from within Australia that would be great to hear!

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Default CTR's

I wouldn’t worry too much about CTR’s. If you’re playing rated just hand over your player’s card. The Government get so many of these that they are more interested in the Suspicious CTR’s. That is, people who won’t give their ID or have no proof that they won the money at a table.

By the way, if you play BJ in Australia you probably should be using a card because the only decent games are in the VIP rooms. Remember CTR’s are a way for the Government to track suspicious money activity; they’re not interested in the average punter.

If you’ve won more that $10k on a table, chances are staff will know who you are, if not they will probably ask you to join a members club. In many cases if you refuse they will call Surveillance to track your progress anyway.

If you’re still not comfortable just cash out $5k a time over a couple of days.
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Originally Posted by Phillip Marlowe View Post
If you’re still not comfortable just cash out $5k a time over a couple of days.
Even 5k at a time in many stores will have them asking or requiring ID.

As with all things AP related, get to know your enemy, before making a mistake, if possible.

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