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Originally Posted by alwayssplitaces View Post
My favorite hand was when I split face cards 4 times with a big bet, had 3 20s and a 21, and the dealer drew to 19. All my hands won and everyone else's lost. The ploppies all left because of my weird play so I had the rest of the shoe to myself. The dealer was even chastising my play saying "look what you've done, you made them leave" and I really wanted to say that I wanted them all to leave (at least that was an excuse to not tip after my big win). Someone else was about to sit down when a ploppy that just left said "don't play with him, he splits tens and makes us lose".
Nice. Just out of curiosity did you notice if your play changed the outcome as the cards fell. I have seen ploppies blame people when their play made no difference. My guess is that you did since you likely caught tens and aces v dealer 4, 5 or 6 and the dealer either hit a small card and they see you as making them lose or had the small card in the hole in which he probably would have beaten them anyway. Ploppies love to blame others for their misfortune.
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Default Fav

Playing dd a few years back with some people that hated my guts, split 10's 4 times, pulled an ace on each, the casino came to a standstill.


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Default Played for the dealer

At the end of a good/profitable session with a friendly, young, and very entertaining dealer....I had a red chip left over after coloring up. I asked the dealer if he preferred to bet it or keep the sure thing. I had been on a good roll (but only w red chips. Dealer smiled and said he loves gambling...,and this is the only way he gets to at work. Wouldn't u know....I got a pair if 8s! I only had black and green chips after coloring I hesitated just long enough for another player who wanted to tip the dealer to offer one if his red chips to split the pair. By now the rest of the players are watching the show. Dealer has a face things look risky at best....long story shortened a bit...,dealer dealt a 7 followed by a 6 on both hands for a 21! Happy ending!
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Default Neat Hands

Had a neat one the other day - split 7's 4 times, each doubled with crap cards - dealer had the good grace to bust. Initial bet was a mediocre 8 units.
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did this this weekend at TS

split faces four times to hit two AJ and a 19 and a 17 on a 6 showing. dealer had 26. Love when that happens, especially with black action...
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had a good one the other day.been going to see the indians every week for the last couple months.been doing well with only one losing session.anyway,had a good run going and got a pair of 4'sagainst dealers 6.had 3 green out which is a good bet for me.wanted to split them and dealer kept saying "1 card" and i kept saying no split them .after the fourth time he finally gets me two more 4's.ended up with 10 or 11 on all of them.doubled and got 21 with all 4.he turned over a 9 then a face to break.thank you.

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Default Two hands at once

Maximum bets out. Two hands: A9 & A8 against dealer 5 up.

Doubled both; won both.

Smells like ... Victory.

I would have been nearly as happy if I had lost. I love doubling those two.
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Originally Posted by moo321 View Post
I got over +20 TC, went to table max and ripped a blackjack. That was the best thing that's ever happened to me in a live casino.

Another time, I was in a roulette tournament, bet max on a number, and all the 2 number combinations around the number. The number spiked and I won the tournament.
I was at Casino Royale for fun just betting min for about 40 minutes, count shoots way up, I bet table max and rip a Blackjack.

PB immediately walked to the phone and I walked out the door
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Default spitting tens

That's what I call tinning the herd. Very good move to get other players to leave the table that you want to play at.
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Default nice

Awesome hands lol, isn't splitting 9s against basic strategy and any playing deviations though, although I can see how its not as risky because if the dealer had a blackjack you would have won the insurance anyway, by losing the insurance you know that the dealer doesn't have a 10 although he could still make a 21 but its unlikely because of the huge true count.

My favourite hand is A,A with a huge TC against a stiff number for obvious reasons, although that's probably the same for most people.

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