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Still, I think that finding a good AP opportunity to invest in presents a much better risk:reward scenario than many of the traditional options.
I agree, however I still think investing/trading offers the biggest potential out out of any other AP opportunity with the exception of maybe HCing and some promos out there.
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Default BJ Crushes Traditional Investments, Well For Most!

Apparently Ken Houston thought so!

The advantages of bj:
With 5 figure banks one can have a nice spread with conservative bets and a low N0. If one plays a lot of hours its not even close. Also, with bj can still have funds in short term liquid traditional investments.

The advantages of traditional investments:
Passive income
Better with 6 figure funds, can get lower commissions, expenses etc.
No limits on portfolio size.

Seems for the 5 figure bank; active player, bj outperforms.

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