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Default JPY Intervention (Long USD/JPY)

Noda has been in office for a couple weeks now. He has created his cabinet and I think could be ready to act on weakening the Japanese Yen. Businesses are not able to function with such a strong Yen. Also, with the EURCHF intervention going so smoothly a couple weeks ago, I think the table is set for a similar move by the Japanese.

Monday was a holiday in Japan, so the Japanese market is opening for the week as we speak. It's time for me to pull the trigger.

I will allow 200 pips of downside risk on this trade. Long USDJPY at 76.70

Here's to a USDJPY floor of 85+

Old September 21st, 2011, 09:37 PM
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I think, in the future, more and more people will
think as below.

Current Bank of Japan Governer is Shirakawa.
He was nominated by current ruling party which
does not like “inflation targeting”.
His term is to expire on 8th April 2013. 
Japan’s Lower House election will be earlier, perhaps very soon.
Current ruling party will set back highly likely.
BOJ will face heavy pressure to adopt inflation targeting policy.
Then, perhaps, BOJ’s tradition of very tight monetary policy
will change drastically. Then, Yen's interest rate will go up,
and bond price will go down.
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Default Tokyo ready to intervene against strong yen: minister

Govt to authorise a further 15t yen to finance market interventions,00.html?

Can't wait until market open

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