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Originally Posted by Automatic Monkey View Post
If you are playing it where I think you're playing it, you won't get in any serious trouble.

But there is one thing nearly 100% of ploppies do that no OCP AP does like a ploppy does, and that is instantly visible. So if your bets are big enough you might want to consider doing that thing to a smaller degree, to make it less noticeable.

Being OCP isn't that good of a game anyway (slow, high variance) you might want to consider limiting it- one shift per store per day. Get caught, and you run the risk of that dealer being unavailable forever- corrected, fired, or moved to a different game. So the dealer change might be a good time to end your shift anyway.
X2 on the doing that thingy that all ploppies do and ocp players dont do.
Sometimes that gamehas a progressive side bet too for a buck.....Either or helps....

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OCP is not a game at which you can afford to give back a lot of your edge. When played in a casino with low limits, and other factors that are less than ideal, it's just not that valuable. A lot of things all have to be right at the same time for OCP to be really profitable. It's not a game at which you're going to get rich playing on a small bankroll. There are a lot of times you should pass up an OCP game for a better opportunity.

This in part echos what Sucker was saying.

Still, it's often better than counting cards at blackjack.

And that's all I'm saying about that.
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Originally Posted by Ferretnparrot View Post
Iv been on a three card poker kick lately, how paranoid should I be while playing three card poker? Should I say, leave as soon as a releif dealer comes in then not come back? Assuming I'm not doing anything rediculous to stand out, do casinos actively scout players at three card poker tables to watch how they play their hands?

Should I play rated or not?

How pissed off do casinos get if I get caught? More poed than CC at bj or less?
Hit it as hard as you can as fast as you can for as much as you can.

If you don't, tell me where you play and I will hit it as hard as I can as fast as I can for as much as I can.

Get my drift?
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Whatever you do, please don't leave the table the instant relief is on multiple times. Just check the time and take a bathroom break 2-3 minutes before relief's arrival.
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Well Geeeeeeeee, let's all let the cat out of the bag on this one.

Every idiot, mom and pop, two bit, low rate casino owner knows how important it is to protect your BJ game from HC, next card, ST, etc. and quite a few know about VP/machine promo abuse. Only a few medium sized joints know how vulnerable 3cp is. but lets help them all out here on this thread.

If bjinfo is truly the net's most popular/trafficked website, what the hell are we doing if we're giving away secrets to everyone? Not to say that I prefer GC, but they at least put some effort into vetting forum members. BUT, I will say there are quite a few gems of info and work over there that I just haven't found on this site.
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delete this thread? delete all threads on OCP?
why is it called OCP anyway?
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I don't think its a huge deal, WoO. Has a whole page about it.

Why is it called OCP?

If we are worried about "sensitive" informations why don't we make a sensitive information section that's not public, and you have to be an exhisting memebr and like voted in or something by other members.
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I believe Mr. CAA coined the term OCP, as it's a one-card game.

Mr. _Black, you're getting way too bent out of shape about this. As already pointed out, all the needed info is readily available on a popular web site.

Also, OCP is a brutal game due to its high variance. Many who primarily HC avoid the game like the plague. One HCer I know refers to playing OCP as gambling. Unless you play a ton of it or have a team playing so you get a lot of play, I believe he's right.
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As I've learned recently, there are many factors that would make this game better to be passed up, even when it is 100%.

There are other opportunities with much higher edge and lower heat. You probably think that you're akin to James Bond playing this game, but this game gets a lot more attention than you'd think.


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I would say forget cover.

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