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Default "21" Bonus Features

If anyone has the 2-DVD special edition 21 I recommend you watch the second DVD because it has cool extras.

One of the extras is a more in-depth explanation of card counting and basic strategy and it actually is much better than in the movie. They talk about BS charts, how to find the TC, and it's going so well until they talk about betting...

"So when the TC is above +10 you bet big, and anytime the count is under that you bet very little."

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Originally Posted by Dyepaintball12 View Post
"So when the TC is above +10 you bet big, and anytime the count is under that you bet very little."
Well, part of that is accurate. Also, I'm sure you could come up with a level 5 counting system where you first gain an advantage at TC +10.
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Default heh heh

I hope I'm not the only one who got their start in card counting from the extra features section you described. The title, I believe, was "The Advantage Player". After that came Google, which led me to; at the same time, I found Dave Stann's "Hollywood Blackjack" at my local library and got goin'.
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"Dave Stann's "Hollywood Blackjack" is a virtually worthless book.

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