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Default big dog

By coming in with a big bet you become top dog

I imagine the other player tipped, perhaps something to consider doing.

If one wongs a lot this can be a frequent issue & could get costly.
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Default Politely sell yourself into the game

You gotta try and sell yourself and get in the game. If you fail, sit it out and you will be thanked by player and dealer. How to try?
“ I have a history of being lucky for the other payer at the table, so if the cards are wrong, I am ready. If not, I wish you luck.”
If it works and the count is high, your “being lucky for the other player” may come true and you will be thanked and respected.

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Does the store allow 'back bets'?
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Originally Posted by creeping panther View Post
You were very smart to have walked
He should have just gone ahead and played... and/or alternately propositioned the high-roller for some money not to play. zg
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The player had probably been there long enough for the dealer to fill his head with nonsense. In return he was probably tipping for invaluable information about flow of cards etc. I find it curious that the player didn't speak for himself.

My decision to play would not be based on the wishes of either of them especially at a low limit table. If I did decide to play and they became hostile, I would leave when the shoe ended or the count went down.
Old December 7th, 2011, 10:31 AM
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Wait a minute. Betting $150 a hand makes one a high roller? And one that the casino is going to turn down other players for at that? Even more ->

I am not a big wong in guy. I prefer to play off the top and wong out aggressively. But, If I was going to go to the trouble of backcounting, I would not pass up the opportunity when it came along. I have never had a dealer ask me not to play. Other players yes, but not the dealer. The dealer should not be turning away any business. If the guy is that big of a high roller, he can request a private table. Short of that it's fair game.
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I once back-counted a table where someone was playing heads up 2x 200-300 per hand. They raised the table minimum to keep the riffraff out. When I approached the table they pointed to the higher minimum in hopes it would keep me out. Nope! I pulled out my own big bets. The ploppy didn't like it and quietly stopped playing until I left. It was perfect. The ploppy eats all the bad cards and I'm left with a great count early in the shoe, heads up, and protected from others entering by the higher table minimum. Thank you 'Mr. High Roller'!
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Originally Posted by AussiePlayer View Post
Does the store allow 'back bets'?
No, does not allow back bets.

To kewl. Yeah, not technically a high roller. Compared to me he was. Base bet was ~$150, but flucuated to ~$500 from the little I saw.

Great experiences and advice posted here.

Place was not busy. May have been able to dabble w/ some friendly entry remarks and further tested to see how player felt? Wouldn't have pushed it if the player/dealer took offense. Is a frequented store, and I'm a small fish. At this point in AP play, I don't have the bankroll to match bigger bettors. In time, approach may change after a feel from experience and bigger bankroll.

Wondering why dude didn't play in high roller room w/ better rules. Lucky table, dealer I guess?

Thanks all. Thanks in advance to any future comments.
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A $150 to $500 bets makes you a high roller in some smaller casinos especially in the Reno and lake tahoe area. In vegas they could put a $500 bet as the minimum bet but in Reno it is a max bet a lot of places.

As for the high roller not wanting you to play you should say to him that I want to make some money too. If you want me to sit out than split the profits with me if you win.

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