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Default New Book coming soon

I am currently in the process of publishing a Blackjack book from an investigative reporter's point of view. It is titled "You Can't Win...UNLESS" and it should be on line in 30 to 60 days. It involves 14 months of research, millions of dollars in bets, tens of thousands of hands. It is the first of its kind ever written as an investigative report. There is no doubt that if you don't count cards you can not even stay in the game. Even though I may be ban from every casino in the country, I believe this to be a very, very important message to everyone who plays Blackjack.
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When you say the book it written from an investigative reporter's point of view, can you expand on that please? Does this mean the book is more about the cat and mouse game of blackjack with the casino than the game itself?

Also when you say "if you don't even count cards you can not even stay in the game" you will probably have a few people disagree with this statement.

Have you really been kicked out of every casino in the US or is this just more of an expression?
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this seems like something i would be inclined to read. but if there is too much detail on CC'ing strategy, it doesn't seem like the optimal thing to release to the public.

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