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Default Tonite: HBO's 'Luck' ...

... starring Dustin Hoffman, premiers following Boardwalk Empire

Here is the trailer --

From acclaimed director Michael Mann and 'Deadwood' creator David Milch, 'Luck' takes a provocative look at the world of horse racing - the owners, gamblers, jockeys and diverse gaming industry players. The cast includes Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, Jill Hennessy, Nick Nolte and Michael Gambon.

Dustin Hoffman plays Chester "Ace" Bernstein "a man in his late 60s just released from four years in prison who's autodidactic, intelligent, and deeply involved in gambling."

David Milch was quoted in Variety as saying; "The pilot is about a bunch of intersecting lives in the world of horse racing...It's a subject which has engaged and some might say has compelled me for 50 years. I find it as complicated and engaging a special world as any I've ever encountered, not only in what happens in the clubhouse and the grandstand, but also on the backside of the track, where the training is done and where they house the horses."

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Just saw the season finale of Boardwalk Empire-tripped me out! Great show! Gonna see Dustin later this evening-I suspect the show will be great. Take care ZG!

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