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You talked about wearing cargo pants, i read in Breaking Vegas that Semyon wore tight pants and had money in velcro pouches taped to his legs so that airport security didnt have a reason to check him too well.
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Default $97K finally returned

This is old news, but yet an interesting complaint.

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Default Airport

The biggest focus is on metal objects in an airport. As soon as you ping that metal detector they look at you closer. Having your cash in a non-metallic environment can't hurt, I suppose! In recent years, they do an addition random lotto style "Let's search this one EXTRA good" thing for good measure and to justify their jobs and all that. I have always been concerned about carrying large amounts of cash also and have gone to extraordinary measures for optimum concealment with much more paranoia of some "official powers that be" throwing their weight around than some desperado looking to steal it!

Another good point was made about just driving down the road also! Amazingly enough, in many places I hear that the police will flat out ask,"How much money do you have or are carrying with you?" and if it's enough they confiscate it! I heard this is a popular practice in Texas and Louisiana in particular. That television show "60 minutes" did an episode about this and went into how an older couple, retirees were on vacation driving through some place 'er other and the state troopers did this to them, taking their approximately $5000 in cash which was their vacation funds for no particular good reason and they played hell to try and get it back! Imagine spending $6600 in attorney's fees to get back your $5000 and have your vacation ruined on top of THAT! Wonderful country America, eh?

The premise of this confiscation was that "obviously this much be some sort of drug money since it's so much"... but the retirees in question had no drugs, no criminal record, no probable cause, no nothing... they were just ancient old people driving off on vacation... with a pathetic $5000 on them---Really not that much money. I think I am just as concerned about simply driving down the street with any significant amount of cash on me as flying on a plane with it. Taking it on a plane might even be SAFER!

My thoughts and advice are to be careful in ANY instance when traveling with cash. Take adequate precautions! I often carry too much money on me to not take every possible precaution.
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Originally Posted by bjcount View Post
This is old news, but yet an interesting complaint.

The capper was the demand by the DEA for a release of claims for civil rights violations as a condition of returning the money. It's like catching a burglar with the stuff from your house, and having him say you can have it back if you let him off the hook for having stolen it in the first place. Unfortunately, this is a very, very common tactic by police agencies. Actually, it gets worse. They might offer to drop criminal charges and let you out of jail if you release them from any claim for damages for beating the crap out of you. Unfortunately, probably 99% of people in a situation like that sign the paper, because they're so afraid of what will happen otherwise. The plaintiffs are to be commended for not having caved in.
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Originally Posted by bjcount View Post
This is old news, but yet an interesting complaint.
I quasi-object to this being posted in this thread. The OP of this thread deals with domestic travel, and the plaintiffs in the linked article are from Puerto Rico, which - despite being legally domestic - has several rules which make it like international travel.

Traveling from St. Louis to Las Vegas is pretty different from traveling from San Juan to Miami in practice, even if in theory they're supposed to be the same.
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get to the front of the security line, put your money in your carry on bag and send it thru the machine while you walk thru with no cash on you. when your carry on comes thru take the money out and put it in your pocket, very easy
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cpage727 is correct.

I use a nylon carry-on that is 100% devoid of ANY metal other than its own small zippers.

Metal objects, coins, cell phone, jewelry, etc. - go in a plastic bag onto the conveyor belt separately.

Extremely simple. A metal-free carry-on bag raises no alarms.
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Never had a problem with cash and that's up to nearly $40K a couple of years ago post-9/11. On that trip we were headed home via a stop-over in San Diego to visit my wife's parents. I did reduce the amount of cash by getting a couple of cashiers checks for under $10K a piece at my in-laws' bank but that was more because I felt uncomfortable carrying that much cash that could be lost or stolen, not because of any TSA security inspection. The only thing TSA has ever commented about was a "lump" of coins, the fifty cent pieces from BJ, that we keep just for grins.
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Originally Posted by KenSmith View Post
Carry it through screening on your body. Cargo pants will allow you to carry a quite large bankroll.

You might be interested in a recent article by Bob Nersesian in All In magazine. He describes a case where cash was confiscated. It was only around $30K or $40K if I recall correctly. After lots of legal wrangling, the cash was finally returned about a year later, and all 'charges' dropped.

Only around $30,000-$40,000 you say it if it is like $40 or something. That is a ton of money to be carrying around with you. What if you get held up and somebody steals your cash? Why in the world would you not just put the money in a checking account that has branches all over the place such as a bank of america, or a wells fargo, or a bank of the west and then pick up your money when you arrive. Anything over $10,000 can cause you trouble.
I think a lot of people on this site want to avoid taxes, so they carry everything on them instead of using a bank.
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If you are planing on playing $30,000 or $40,000 why not get a marker? Carry that kind of cash makes you a target for theives, takes up a lot of room in your bags, you have to fill out a cash transaction report when you get to the casino. Plus it is a lot of work for the dealer to count out $30,000 in cash.

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