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Blackjack Apprenticeship

BlackjackInfo News: Issue 20 - November 24, 2003

I don't normally publish a newsletter this soon after the previous one. My usual problem is just the opposite, when I'm doing good to get one out before 3 months have passed. However, I wanted to provide an accurate date and time for the Travel Channel show mentioned in the first item below, particularly since I had mentioned the wrong date last time. A few other items popped up as well, so here you go...

This Issue includes:

Travel Channel Reminder

The Travel Channel one-hour show covering the first Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar Blackjack Finals will finally air on Wednesday November 26th, at 8 PM Eastern. The show will be repeated at 11 PM Eastern, and again on Saturday Nov 29th at 5 PM.

The Hilton event was a 13-month tournament, with 12 monthly qualifying rounds and a final 200-player tournament in April 2003. While I made it to the final event, my own participation was cut short when I lost the first round. I may appear in the coverage anyway, but you'll see me standing inside the pit covering the finals instead of the much-preferable seat at the final table proper. I'll be the guy in the BlackjackInfo.com cap.

The same format is used in this year's "Million Dollar II", with monthly qualifiers continuing through April and the final event in May 2004. Entries are $1000, but see the story below about Texas Tournaments for another way to win an entry in a $50 satellite tournament.

Texas Tournaments: Big Events in January

As odd as it may seem, one of the best blackjack tournament events in the next few months is shaping up to be held far from the nearest casino. Texas Tournaments is a membership club that locates casino tournaments for its members. They've put together a tournament extravaganza for the weekend of January 22-25, 2004. This gathering is shaping up to be an amazing four day weekend of tournaments, featuring 3 major events and an expected $170,000 in prize money, based on entries and reentries. The events will be hosted at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Fort Worth, TX.

Play begins in the first event at 4 PM on Thursday, but the three events are spread across the weekend to accomodate players unable to arrive until Friday or even Saturday. Special room rates of $39 are available for tournament participants, as well as a 25% discount in the hotel restaurant.

In addition to the three major events, there will be several $50 entry fee satellite tournaments, in which you can win an entry to another major event, such as the Las Vegas Hilton Million Dollar monthly qualifiers.

100% of the entry fees and reentry fees will be returned as prize money. The events are for members only, with membership fees at $100 annually, or $175 per couple. Mention this newsletter when you sign up, and get $5 off the annual membership fee. Call 1-866-839-8687 or 972-251-1378 and speak to Rick Jensen for more details, and to sign up. You can also reach Rick via email at rickjbj21@yahoo.com. He can mail you a full set of rules and schedules for the tournaments.

I'll be there in January. I hope to see you there.

Live Blackjack Online

An interesting new development in online blackjack premiered recently at Club Dice Casino. They're dealing live blackjack with live dealers, via a video feed inside the casino software. It's a multi-player table, and you can text-chat with the other players and the dealer while you play.

The cards are over-sized to be easily seen over the video link. They also feature a barcode on each card. As the cards are dealt from the shoe, they pass over a barcode scanner, and the correct card shows up on your screen just as it is dealt to you in the video feed.

The game moves at a pretty slow place, but it does allow a skeptical player to see the process of dealing. All things considered, it's an interesting combination. Check it out with this link: Club Dice Casino

'Casino Tournament Strategy' available at Bayview Strategies

The newest addition to the catalog at our online store is Stanford Wong's Casino Tournament Strategy. This book does an excellent job of covering the essential ideas of blackjack tournament strategy along with plenty of examples for study. There are also chapters on craps and baccarat tournaments. Visit Bayview Strategies to read more or purchase the book.

I'm also hoping the new site BlackjackTournaments.com will serve as a good place to discuss tournament strategy. If you're interested, come by and sign up at the message board. Be sure to sign up even if you're not posting immediately, so you'll receive notices as new features come online.

That's it for now. Best of luck, online and off! -Ken-

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