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BlackjackInfo News: Issue 32 - September 15, 2006

This Issue includes:

Saturday's network TV debut of tournament blackjack

Don't forget to tune in this weekend, Saturday Sept 16th at 2 PM Eastern on TV network CBS for the premiere of "Ultimate Blackjack Tour". For the first time, tournament blackjack will be exposed to a nationwide audience on the largest TV network in the world. And, I'll assure you, you've never seen televised blackjack like this.

The UBT uses a special tournament format which eliminates the lowest bankroll at the table after hands 8, 16, and 25. That makes every hand important and every decision critical. In addition, each player gets a secret bet that they can use once per round, and that adds some intrigue for TV.

I look forward to hearing everyone's reaction to the show. Join the discussions on the message boards at http://www.blackjackinfo.com/bb/ and http://www.blackjacktournaments.com/bb/.

Updates to the Basic Strategy Engine

The Blackjack Basic Strategy Engine has long been a popular feature at BlackjackInfo, and now it's better than ever. A recent makeover improves the appearance of the strategy charts and provides a new Printer-Friendly version. As always, you can plug in the exact rules of any blackjack game and get a free custom strategy chart that is tailored to that particular game.

Hint: If you'd like to print the charts in color, you'll probably need to change a setting in your browser. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools / Internet Options, and click the Advanced tab. Scroll down to the Printing section, and select 'Print background color and images'.

Bet21 launches online blackjack tournaments

Yesterday, Bet21.com launched their online blackjack tournament platform, using the same format that you'll see in the CBS Ultimate Blackjack Tour shows.

They're offering a 100% signup bonus worth up to $650. With Sit-and-Go tournaments available 24/7 and multi-table tournaments scheduled daily, there are lots of opportunities to compete.

Download the software at Bet21.com, register an account and get playing. My username there is BJT_KenSmith.

Exciting times for blackjack

As more and more events and online venues are announced for blackjack, the future of the game is looking bright indeed. I've seen media pronouncements that "Blackjack is the next Texas Hold'em Poker", implying that the game is poised for the explosive growth that TV brought to poker. Will it happen? Who knows! But it's sure nice to be asking that question.

More online tournament venues are preparing to launch, and I've heard word of two major land-based tournaments in the works as well. The UBT of course has already scheduled several stops for season two of their tour, including the kick-off event later this month in Aruba. I'll be there, and I'm also traveling to St Kitts in October to compete in the second UBT event.

It's a good time to be a blackjack player, and I believe we're just getting started.

That's it for now. Best of luck, online and off! -Ken-