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Date: March 26th 2013

Latest news: Introducing new strategy cards for card counters...

BlackjackInfo Newsletter, March 26, 2013

Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from BlackjackInfo.com.

In this issue of the BlackjackInfo newsletter, I can finally reveal a project that has taken me several months to develop. My latest strategy card set lets you go beyond basic strategy, to where no card has gone before.

I will also tell you about a nice free iPhone app that will interest any traveling gamblers. Last of all, I'll finish up with news from the Eastern US where blackjack tables seem to be popping up everywhere.

Let's get started...

Blackjack Advanced Strategy Cards

Strategy Cards for Card Counters

My latest strategy card set is fresh off the presses, and it includes a feature never seen before in a blackjack strategy card.

Like the popular BlackjackInfo Basic Strategy Cards, the Advanced Strategy set features optimized strategies for six different sets of blackjack rules.

Then, for card counters using Hi-Lo, the most popular card counting system, the cards show the index numbers for strategy variations right on the card. All the indexes from -5 to +5 are included, and as you would expect from BlackjackInfo, they are optimized for the exact game you are playing.

Use these cards to learn the best possible indexes for your game, and if you want to use them inside the casino the set includes a stealth version that encodes the indexes.

See the full explanation and details here: Advanced Blackjack Strategy Cards

You can purchase a set at the BlackjackInfo store, or at Amazon.com.

American Casino Guide app

Free iPhone Casino Guide App

Expanding Gambling

Eastern US Gambling Explosion

If you often gamble while traveling, this iPhone app belongs on your phone. Created by the publisher of the American Casino Guide, this app gives you information about all US casinos, including riverboats and Indian casinos.

Just tap the "Nearby Casinos" button and the app uses GPS to provide a list of the closest casinos and the distance to each. Each listing has a touch-to-call button, reviews of the property, and details on what games are offered. You can even get turn-by-turn navigation to the casino.

The app is free, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, check it out. Click here to go directly to the app in the iTunes App Store:
American Casino Guide app

You can also visit the ACG site, which offers the same casino listings along with a lot of other useful info for players:
American Casino Guide website

In case you haven't noticed, casino gambling is on a winning streak all its own. In the last few years, blackjack game choices have expanded through new casino openings and addition of table games to existing casinos, especially in the Eastern US.

After a decade or more of blackjack being pushed out of the way by the latest gimmick game or replaced with more slots, things seem to be swinging back the other way. Although alternative games continue to compete for floor space, the sheer number of new venues means more choices than ever for blackjack players. Competition is always a good thing!

The latest addition is Maryland, where table games were added just this month. Other states with recent expansions include Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Rhode Island. Further to the south, North Carolina's Cherokee casino added live table games last year.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and make some money! :-)

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