BlackjackInfo Newsletter - Blackjack Myths, Surrender Explained, Revel Promo - July 7, 2013

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Subject: BlackjackInfo Newsletter - Blackjack Myths, Surrender Explained, Revel Promo - July 7, 2013
Date: July 7th 2013

A promo at Revel / A Common Blackjack Myth / Surrender Explained

BlackjackInfo Newsletter, July 7, 2013

Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from

In this issue of the BlackjackInfo newsletter, I have several new articles for you and an interesting promo to mention. Well, maybe...

I'll start with the promo. If you live near Atlantic City, this may be worth checking out. Revel Casino is offering to rebate 100% of your machine play losses in the month of July, in the form of 20 weekly free play offers of 5% each. The offer is good from a minimum of $100 up to a massive $100,000 potential rebate.

If you are able to make 20 return trips in the event that you lose, set yourself a healthy win target and take a shot. If you win, great! If you lose, make your 20 return trips and run through the weekly free play with minimal extra play to recoup most of your loss.

So, why am I a little reluctant to recommend this? It seems unlikely that Revel understood their potential loss on a promo like this, and they have already reportedly been harassing some big players. I wouldn't advocate hitting this hard in an obvious way, because there are reports that some players have had their cards turned off with little in the way of explanation.

Hopefully the New Jersey Casino Control Commission will make sure that they pay up with the promised rebates to everyone who plays and has a legitimate loss. I would discourage anyone from trying to game the system using deceptive techniques to create a non-existent loss, because you'll almost certainly have trouble. But if you're a local and play it straight, this is a very strong player advantage. I recommend either video poker or video blackjack, although the $100 slots may be the strongest play in the house.

Let's get on with the rest of the newsletter...

The Most Common Myth in Blackjack

The Most Common Myth in Blackjack

Blackjack Surrender Explained

Blackjack Surrender Explained

I'm starting a new series of articles on the myths surrounding the game of blackjack. I bet you'll recognize this first one immediately, and if you didn't understand why it was a myth before, I hope you will after you read my article.

Here's a direct link to the blog post:
The Most Common Myth in Blackjack.

Very few players correctly use the option of surrender in blackjack. Most players don't even know it exists, and many of the players who do know about it overuse the option and cost themselves money.

Everything is explained in this article:
Blackjack Surrender Explained

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