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Date: March 11th 2014

Blackjackinfo Newsletter: March 11, 2014 - Gambling With an Edge radio show

BlackjackInfo News: Gambling With an Edge

Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from

In January, I was the featured guest on the Gambling With an Edge radio show on KLAV radio in Las Vegas. Show hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin talked with me about a wide range of topics, including blackjack tournaments, gambling stories, online blackjack in New Jersey, and more.


During the interview, I shared stories of a couple of big wins from my playing career. One of the stories, involving a blackjack game in an Oklahoma casino, has never been told publicly until now. I think you'll enjoy it.

I also talk about a profitable opportunity where I won over $100,000 on a single hand of cards.


Click to listen: Gambling With An Edge, with Guest Ken Smith (55 minutes, MP3 format).

If you are not already familiar with this weekly radio show and podcast, you should be. It's a solid source of accurate gambling information, and both of the hosts are successful professional gamblers. Each week after the broadcast, the radio show is published as a podcast.

You can browse the past episodes at Richard Munchkin's blog or if you are an iTunes user, you can Subscribe to the podcast at iTunes.

I think you'll really enjoy the episode I linked to above. If you have any trouble with that link, you can visit the special page I created for the show here:

So, what else is going on at BJInfo?...


  Card Counting Index Numbers

Don't Make My Mistake With Indexes


The Table Games Prime Directive


After you have learned to count cards and vary your bet with the count, there is another tool to add to your game... Strategy Variations

You can use the count to know when to deviate from basic strategy. If you know that the deck is full of high cards, you may want to stand on that 12 against a dealer 2, instead of hitting it like basic strategy says.

Index numbers tell you when to vary your strategy. But they can be very confusing at first.

In particular, the way that indexes are represented didn't seem to make sense to me when I was first learning them.

In a new post on the blog, I explain why indexes work they way they do. Read it here: Learning Card Counting Indexes? Don't Make This Mistake.


You may have seen the recent news coverage of a player at the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, who lost half a million dollars in one night on a marathon gambling and drinking binge.

He is suing the casino, alleging that the casino continued to serve him drinks and let him sign markers while he was obviously very drunk.

My post includes an interesting story from a table games manager, and his "prime directive" of table games.

Read the article:
Blackjack Player Sues After Losing $500,000 While Drunk.


  Casino Chips

Recommended Gambling Blogs

  New Jersey

Online Gambling in New Jersey


Among the sites that I read on a regular basis, there are several excellent blogs on advantage gambling. Here are a few of my recommendations.

First up is a familiar name with a new blog. James Grosjean is a long-time pro whose two books "Beyond Counting" and "Beyond Counting: Exhibit CAA" are as sought-after as the Fountain of Youth (and about as hard to find!). He now has a blog at Las Vegas Advisor, and while it's new, anything James says is worth a read.

Check it out here: Beyond Numbers.

Another blog that covers a lot of unusual games and promotions is Stephen How's Discount Gambling.

Both of those sites are well worth bookmarking, or adding to your RSS reader.


Legal and regulated online gambling has been available in New Jersey since November of last year, and I made a trip to the state in December to research the casinos and games.

If you live in NJ, you'll be interested in my first two in-depth articles about the online casinos.

I've been writing at

Recent articles include:
Review of Betfair Online Casino
and NJ Online Casino Bonuses.

Other casino reviews are on the way, but you can already find a list of all the available casinos there.



Have you tried DoubleDown Casino yet? It is a play-for-fun casino game that you play in your browser.

Visit the site and login with your Facebook account to get $1 million in chips to play blackjack, poker, and roulette for free.

It's legal everywhere in the US.

See my review: Review of Double Down Casino.

  DoubleDown Casino  

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