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BlackjackInfo Newsletter: Gambling With an Edge Radio Show

Sent March 11th 2014

BlackjackInfo Newsletter Blackjackinfo Newsletter: March 11, 2014 - Gambling With an Edge radio show BlackjackInfo News: Gambling With an Edge Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from In January, I was the featured guest on the */Gambling With an Edge/* radio show on KLAV radio in Las Vegas. Show hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin talked with me about a wide range of topics, including blackjack tournaments, gambling stories, online blackjack in New Jersey, and more. During the intervie...

BlackjackInfo Newsletter: Updated, 16vT Confusion, and more - October 11, 2013

Sent October 11th 2013

BlackjackInfo Newsletter Massive Update at / 16vT Confusion / Dealing With A Big Loss BlackjackInfo Newsletter, October 11, 2013 Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from I've had my nose to the grindstone on a new project for a couple of months, but I'm finally ready to unveil it in this issue... In November, my tournament site will celebrate its 10th birthday. While the tournament landscape has changed a lot over those ten years, the site design at B...

BlackjackInfo Newsletter - Blackjack Myths, Surrender Explained, Revel Promo - July 7, 2013

Sent July 7th 2013

BlackjackInfo Newsletter A promo at Revel / A Common Blackjack Myth / Surrender Explained BlackjackInfo Newsletter, July 7, 2013 Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from In this issue of the BlackjackInfo newsletter, I have several new articles for you and an interesting promo to mention. Well, maybe... I'll start with the promo. If you live near Atlantic City, this may be worth checking out. Revel Casino is offering to rebate 100% of your machine play losses in the month ...

[list_settings.list_name]: New Advanced Strategy Cards

Sent March 26th 2013

BlackjackInfo Newsletter Latest news: Introducing new strategy cards for card counters... BlackjackInfo Newsletter, March 26, 2013 Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from In this issue of the BlackjackInfo newsletter, I can finally reveal a project that has taken me several months to develop. My latest strategy card set lets you go beyond basic strategy, to where no card has gone before. I will also tell you about a nice free iPhone app that will interest any t...

[list_settings.list_name]: Just How Smart is the Eye in the Sky?

Sent October 15th 2012

BlackjackInfo Newsletter Latest news: New surveillance technology you should know about... BlackjackInfo Newsletter, October 15, 2012 Hi Subscribers!     It's Ken Smith, from Just when you had given up on me ever sending another newsletter, here you go! I won't even bother confessing how long it has been. Let's just say "a long time." No worries though. Let's get right to it... In this issue, I have interesting news from the recent Global Gaming Exp...

[list_settings.list_name] Issue 34 - July 21, 2009

Sent July 21st 2009

[list_settings.list_name] Issue 34 - July 21, 2009 Greetings, from From Kenneth R Smith This Issue of the BlackjackInfo newsletter includes: [*]Thanks for confirming your subscription! [*]An all new look at BlackjackInfo [*]The new Chat Room, and weekly chats [*]Two exciting chat guests coming up... [*]Free 24 lesson school for winning blackjack Thanks for confirming your subscription! If you are reading this, it must mean that you've successfully made the transition to our new mailing li...




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