"Ultimate BlackJack 3D" for Android phones/tablets

  • ubj3d


    Fixed some issues with tablets
    Enabled portrait view in Settings and Help (whole strategy table can be visible this way, good for comparison)
    Double Attack variant of the game
    Cut card visible all the time
    Achievements progress displayed

    For anything game related please contact:

  • ubj3d

    New version


    * graphic enhancements
    * Papaya social network
    * turn count indicators on/off by touching the icons (added by user demand)
    * mini game Card Spotting now available from start
    * true random number generator (via atmospheric noise, needs internet connection)

  • PierceNation


    Looks good, any chance of it appearing on the Windows phone circuit?!

  • ubj3d


    Sorry, but it is not likely we will develop for Windows phones in the near future.

  • ubj3d

    Version 2.1.1

    What’s new

    * player’s blackjack sidebet variant
    * third-party library updates

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