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[QUOTE=stophon;126262]Alright so I'm one of those guys who likes to figure stuff out for myself, so here was my attempt at solving Ace Tracking. Please check my methodology.

An ace yields a 51% advantage if it is your first card.
Stophon shuffling data:
Clumps of one: 77.6%
Clumps of two: 20.0%
Clumps of three: 2.4%
Clumps of four or more: 0%

How many riffles do you assump,
IMHO 1 riffle.

in a 6 deck game, the shuffle are at least 2 shuffles and some stripping.

There are very different datas in the real world.
Your datas are to idealistic, they happen only in dreams.
Aces often disappear.

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