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Originally Posted by Paddler View Post
Unless your counting all your hours as a continuous session, I must say that the probability of not having a losing session in that time must be miniscule. How many sessions have you played since last spring?

Let's see, from memory--

Vegas: 10 hours (several short sessions)
Charles Town: 1 hour (1 session)
AC: 4 hours (2 or more sessions)
Dover Downs: 4 hours (ditto)
AC: 4 hours (ditto)
Dover Downs: 4 hours (ditto)
Mt. Airy PA: 1 hour (1 session)
Sands PA: 5 hours (2 sessions)

About 33 hours total

Total wins: about $5,000

I probably lost that much in a single session before Vegas.

Everything is approx. I can't remember any losing sessions in that time, but there could have been a very small one here or there. But the total wins still net out the same since I am pretty accurate what I net for each trip. There could be a discrepancy here and there for VP play, which in general was a net loser; that is, I may have won more at blackjack, but netted out VP losses.
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