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Old May 9th, 2011, 07:36 AM
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Originally Posted by LVBear584 View Post
Nothing came of the ID issue, right?

No charges were ever pursued. The prosecutor correctly concluded no laws were violated, and dismissed the bogus charges. But the fact that the court opined that the gaming agent had probable cause to make an arrest is bad, bad, bad.
To play the role of the opposition for the purpose of debate, I could say that possessing and using a document with a name other than your own could constitute reasonable suspicion that you stole the document, which could quickly lead to probable cause if you could not demonstrate that you were using this name as a legitimate alias (which is something an AP would probably choose not to do.)

This discussion came up between me and someone who was using players cards he found. I told him- God help you if any of those people had been crime victims recently, you'll need a good lawyer to prove you were not the assailant. Even if you didn't steal it, something you find could be stolen property and if you have it you are instantly the prime suspect.

Of course this would not apply to a person who created this alias for business purposes, but a law enforcement person who is accustomed to dealing with street-level criminals might not consider that and honestly think he is dealing with a thief.
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