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Old October 7th, 2011, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Sucker View Post
You're putting words into my mouth - I was referring the criminal act that Flash mentioned, in which a card counter was robbed by the Silver Star casino, and his statement that the person had NO recourse. On the subject of CIVIL law; of COURSE I agree that it's harder to sue Indians in Tribal Court than stateside, but it's nowhere NEAR hopeless. I personally know two different people who have won their cases against Indian casinos.
He didn't say "robbed." Robbery has a specific legal meaning; it means theft facilitated by assault. He said they took his chips and ejected him. If they told the cashier to keep his cheques and not pay him, we're not talking about an act of robbery because there was no assault. If a security guard pointed a gun at him and told him to hand over the cheques, that would have been robbery and reservation or not, the Mississippi state police or county sheriff would have entered the property and made arrests.

Originally Posted by Sucker View Post
If you don't believe this - all you have to do is just Google "Indian casino lawsuits" - you may learn something!
I'm sure there have been, but how many of the successful complainants were tribal members or their agents siphoning money out of the reservation's treasury? We may never know. I do not believe a paleface who gets screwed at a casino on a reservation that exists only as a legal cover for a casino is going to get fair treatment in a civil suit.

Originally Posted by Sucker View Post
Most American Indians are just like anyone else - honorable, fair-minded people, and will do the right thing. They are not the savages that some of you guys seem to be portraying.
In general I agree. But I believe the Indians who run casinos are savages. And the non-Indians who run casinos are savages. Do you think the casino managers who aren't affiliated with reservations are honorable and fair-minded? Being an American Indian doesn't make one a saint, but in the case of casinos it allows them to get away with things any other casino would like to do but can't.
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Old October 7th, 2011, 06:45 PM
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Didn't a reservation in New York have a shoot out with the local authorities that tried to enter their jurisdiction?
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