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Old October 19th, 2011, 06:58 PM
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Originally Posted by ringlejames View Post
Its about finding a steerable shuffle and placing the cut card in the right spot everytime.

Also to the OP. There were opportunities everywhere when you were playing. You just didn't know when to apply them or how to apply them.

Let me let you in on THE SECRET. Its all about practice. And I aint talkin about the huh half hour before bed time practice. I am talking about full on I been practicing for days, hours a day.

Ask yourself a question. Which groups of cards do u want to be grouped together? 10's and aces I hope. How many hands a round should I play to achieve ultimate penetration to allow optimal deck reading power.? So I combine, say if it was a single deck game, the first 1/4 deck and the 3rd quarter deck. Where do I need to cut it at after the shuffle. Duh half way every time if you do it right.

Its not just about steering the cards to your favor. Its having the complete knowledge of the skill you are trying to employ and actually do something with it. Not going into a casino till you can empty there chip rack.

Just like someone watching 21 and understanding the theory of counting is not anywhere near doing something with it.

You need to be able to at the drop of a hat be able to tell everything about steering.

But really the first question should have been is it a hand shuffled game? Well it better be or you just spent no time studying and wanted to play like the average gambler.
Which groups of cards are you steering? The tens for more 20's and blackjacks I hope.
Does the top half of the deck after shuffle and cut card placement add up to -6 to -8 or more? I hope so. (if it is single deck, of course the number will go up for each deck added)

Are you counting every quarter deck if your playing single deck or dd? Or keeping half deck counts on multi deck games to steer the cards to your advantage?

Are your bets each round based on average negative tc for each round. I say negative because you are supposed to be steering the tens and aces played in each quarter deck. Those are the good cards for once. A high amount of negative cards off of the first half of the deck is awesome for someone that steers.

Sorry I have been off the past few days guys. My illness was really bad there for a while and the whiskey didn't help none here on the forum. Although it did ease some of the pain.

Still no excuse for rudeness and just plain old ploppyness. even if I am dying.

The gordon count thing was crazy I couldn't believe I got that mixed up with side counting every card.One of the first things I learned about blackjack was the gordon counts tag values until I noticed it was actually the hardest system to learn. I was wondering why I wasn't winning here at the home stead. Just now coming off of my 4 day binder. Again I apologize for my lack of respect and just plain rudeness

This is not how steering is done.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing and becomes nothing.
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