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Old November 9th, 2011, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by blackjack avenger View Post
23 plays may be the N0 for this game;looking with BJ goggles, seems short? However, if the game is as well defined as this the variance seems very low.

I can't see any of the numbers from the graph on my phone, but no random walk? Virtually no variance on the graph itself? From what I can see the variance is lower then BJ?

ok, i left out some information
advantage/play ~= 7.69% <<=== lol a relative certainty after having read thread title <<== edit
avg bet ~= $379.86/play
SD ~= $124.87/play
of course these figures vary to some degree as more data comes in......
maybe typical BJ has
avg bet ~= $9.54/hand
SD ~= $15.71/round ....... at least in my lowball experience

so i guess yes, the variance of these plays are much lower than play all BJ, relatively speaking.

best regards,
mr fr0g MMOA honorary predator
that's my take on it your mileage may vary.
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