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Old May 29th, 2005, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by JWeber
I was in Vegas last week. I didn't play much, but all the single deck games are either 6:5 or 1:1, no matter where I went.
1:1?? Wow. Thats rediculous. Even church lawn fete's pay 2:1. Of course they win all ties. Anyone know what the house advantage is when BJ pays 2"1 and house wins ties? Can't be good thats for sure. Of course, I'm talking about church lawn fete's here. The bet spread is 1 to 5 dollars.

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Old May 29th, 2005, 10:33 PM
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We are back from Vegas. Did some day trips to the mountains on both sides of the valley, very beautiful areas and walked through a lot of casinos looking at tables to decide where to play. Here is what we found. No casinos along the strip are posting the rules at any tables with the exception of the soft 17 rule. You will need to ask.The Venetian did offer late surrender as well as the Ceasar's. This was on their shoe games. There are single deck games, but few post that they are 6/5 games. There are some casinos offering their own single deck games with there own made up rules including one game that deals you two hands and allows you to swap your two upcards, but what good is that if you have a 10/5 and a 10/3? Dealer wins pushes and blackjack is even money. These teaser games could not be in the players favor. If the casinos are doing a variation, a sure bet is the advantage goes to the house. Finding a 5 dollar game on the strip was next to impossible. Here are some of our other impressions. We found downtown, very seedy. The rules were much better, one casino boasting best rules in nevada. At night time, with the exception of the covered walkway, I would not want to have my bankroll, walking that neighborhood. It looks like you could get rolled at any time. The tables down town seemed dirty and worn out and the casinos were very smokey. We don't smoke, not good for BJ players in general. We also went to a few of the "Station" casinos. We like them the best. Not too high class like the strip casinos and not dumps like down town. They have good buffets too. Where we ended up doing most our play was a surprise. We went to Green Valley Ranch, featured on American Casino on the Discovery Channel just to see it. It is a beautiful, clean place, well worth the trip off the strip. No five dollar tables though. My wife asked a dealer at an empty $25 dollar table if there were any $5 dollar tables. The dealer politely said no, but the pit boss overheard the question and said if you want to play, this table is now a $5 dollar table. We sat and played for 2 hours. Both of us were up when we left. You can DAS, double on any hand, no surrender, and no auto shufflers. These are not the best player advantage rules, but for short term players and comps the "Station Casinos" have what we tourists look for. Notice, I said tourist not player. We continued to play at Green Valley the rest of our stay at $10 and $15 dollar tables. Without giving away details, we stayed for a week at a timeshare on the strip we won off of ebay. A week stay ended up being $180.00. I recommend keeping an eye on ebay for a place if you want to save some money and you have a little time to plan your trip. One thing that was a major put off, was some of the casinos on the strip had, people in blazers, appearing to be casino employees. They were however, timeshare sales people trying to sign you up for a free shows etc in exchange for visiting a timeshare sales pitch. It was a pain and a waste of time to keep repeating no thank you. This was even going on at the Venetian, one of the nicer looking places on the strip. If you are wondering, I was down a little at the end and my wife was up. It seems I should be a BS instructor not a player. Oh one last note. Most of the dealers, if you could understand them, will coach you in basic strategy. Every time I saw advice offered by a dealer when asked, it was accurate, even on doubling and splitting. Over all, we had a good week away. Did I mention it was hot? Over 100 everyday for the week. A record breaker and this was the end of May. I'd hate to be there in July or August.
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Old May 30th, 2005, 07:55 PM
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1:1?? Wow. Thats rediculous. Even church lawn fete's pay 2:1.
At least that's what the pit boss seemed to say when I asked him what it payed at El Cortez, where I was staying in the downtown area. The tables only had signs that stated they were blackjack tables, and the only rules on the felt were that a dealer hit soft 17s and insurance paid 2:1.

It's possible I could have misunderstood him, but I didn't bother playing there - I went to a neighboring casino with 3:2.

I DID browse through several of the big names on the strip, and to the best of my recollection, every single-deck game I saw had the 6:5 blackjack rule.
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