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Old December 19th, 2009, 07:36 AM
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Default *facepalm*

This dealer and I were bonding. I was winning, and betting big, and we were laughing a bit. She had some hostility with her boss, and I added a little grease to the fire. She also seemed bad at math, and a few times I just told her the (accurate) payout on my blackjack (high count). Anyways....

as the automatic machine is shuffling, she tells me that since she wants the player to win, she cuts off extra cards than she has to, since that part of the deck is the worst for the player. I tried to tell her, in a quiet conspiratal manner that this was not what I wanted, but she was not listening, and probably not bright enough to pick up on what I was trying to tell her. But the pit boss was kind of hovering so I didn't want to flat out tell her.

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