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Old September 18th, 2010, 01:34 PM
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Default Questions about Star City's comp program.

Hi all,

I've searched all over the internet (google) and found no detail description of the comp program of Star City. I wonder if any of you know on what the rewards point can be used, how they can be aquired, how they are calculated and how much one point is worth.

I personally asked the casino host she told me that it can be used on slot machines (semi-cashable?), food and even a night in the hotel. But I didn't ask in detail.

I want to know these because they're currently offering triple points on thursdays that includes playing at a blackjack machine. Rules are liberal, BJ 3to 2, 6D, S17, split twice, NRSA, DAS, LS so an off the top 0.339% house edge. However it looks like it shuffles after each round so it's not countable. So I'm wondering if the triple points make it profitable. Let's now assume the points can be used on that BJ machine as well...

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