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Old September 24th, 2011, 07:56 AM
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Default Pogo poo poo system

Going back to my old sytem of betting & counting. I had switched from running count to knockout. Knockout is a good system ,but it's just not for me. A true counter that can wait ,wait wait for that elusive count ,then I admire you for you patience. What I am going to say only applys to a 6 or 8 d shoe game. 6 d (minus 6 ) .only on the first deck I use the voodoo system of 1 & 3 in case the deck is heavy on top with 10s. After the fist deck is dealt I continue my count betting mim on minus count & variance of 1-5 on + count above 6 & trying to estimate the true count,( variance may be higher). Fun , Because pitt thinks I am a system bettor. True counter will poo poo this & should ,but I am doing this just for old hard headed Pogo. LOL
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