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  1. Ed Teller
    Ed Teller
    Team Manager, Mentor and Advantage Player
  2. Kentxu
    Repeated until Rich!
  3. Card shark
    Card shark
    Any blackjack players from around the Edmonton Alberta area ?
  4. Card shark
    Card shark 797trucker
    Hey, you live in Edmonton ? Still playing Blackjack ? If so let me know, looking to meet up with some players in the city...
  5. Card shark
    Card shark Meistro
    Hey, you live in Edmonton ? I’m looking to meet up with some blackjack players....
  6. airfree
    Play to win.
  7. Tex
    It's a laid back beer shack smokey ol' throwback honky tonk called Big T's...
  8. Paul Hennessey
    Paul Hennessey Ryemo
    1. Ryemo
      Yes. You’re using a betting system? If I’m wrong, please correct me.
      Mar 18, 2018
  9. JohnCrover
    Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
  10. Michael Yoo
    Michael Yoo
    Going to Vegas in early February. Would love to meet up with other players/members to share experiences.
  11. Jack Elevers
    Jack Elevers
    Walking on a dream.
  12. Luis Veiga
    Luis Veiga
    1. Luis Veiga
      Luis Veiga
      Meistro, I did a lot of reading, hundreds of hours in the BJ trainer, hundreds of hours in the casino.
      But I'm a loser.
      I think I'm an accountant easily, but I'm still very unruly when I'm losing.
      Dec 12, 2016
  13. jack.jackson
    jack.jackson kid blackjack
    Hang in there Kid!! Good luck!!!
  14. rogue1
    rogue1 MAZ
    maz-dude,are u on medication?
  15. jack.jackson
    jack.jackson Katweezel
    I think it works something like this???

    Hey SF, can you tell im the cableguy? Katweezel thought I was the
  16. sagefr0g
    and this fr0g won't turn into a prince, lmao
  17. Katweezel
    Katweezel Tarzan
    A BJ table that you made? Now THAT is an avatar.
  18. jack.jackson
    jack.jackson sagefr0g
    Katweezel your a wizard, not a prince!!!
  19. sagefr0g
  20. jack.jackson
    jack.jackson Howie
    Hows things going Howie?