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    I can answer any clumping question here.

    It's only illegal if it's stolen property. This is a shuffler, not Fentanyl.
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    6:5 BJ

    It is. Roulette is a much slower game.
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    What CVCX bundle do I need?

    Get the CVCX/CVData package for sims and evaluating games. CVBJ is more of a trainer to practice your game and evaluate your accuracy in BS, counting, index plays, etc.
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    Understanding Illustrious 18 - Player 9 vs Dealer 2

    And you probably aren't aware that there's a long-time AP who has uses the handle Captain Jack. He's mainly into sports betting now, so you won't find him here, but it may still cause some confusion.
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    AP Player at the Rivers in Des Plains

    And non-locals never play there, right?
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    AP Player at the Rivers in Des Plains

    Must be a member of Colin's cult. The BJA guys don't know what AP etiquette is. They just jump right in and pound away, other APs be damned. I had one a few months ago jump in on my table and after a little bit had the audacity to ask me not to spread to two hands when the count got good...
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    Other types of advantage plays?

    It has its pros and cons.
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    Steep loses early on(44 hours)

    Fair enough.
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    Steep loses early on(44 hours)

    So much better than endless pissing matches with degenerate gamblers and pathologic liars, isn't it? ;)
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    BEYOND COUNTING book by James Grosjean on ebay

    I'm old to this forum and have the much more comprehensive, Beyond Counting, Exhibit CAA for sale. See this thread:
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    BEYOND COUNTING James Grosjean book ebay

    Well, I have an Ex CAA for sale for 3K. See
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    Odds of losing 20 hands in a row without any pushes?

    I'll give you that you didn't exactly say "factory fresh," but this is what you said, which is essentially the same thing: How do you know it was even a true Shufflemaster machine and not a Chinese counterfeit? I do agree with you that the ability to read card values should not exist in these...
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    Odds of losing 20 hands in a row without any pushes?

    Exactly. KJ, unless you received the machine from Shufflemaster directly (which wouldn't be possible as they don't sell to individuals), how can you claim it being factory fresh? I bought an Izod shirt from a street vendor on the corner of Canal and Broadway in NYC. It was factory fresh and...
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    Odds of losing 20 hands in a row without any pushes?

    You'd say that about any casino that has your picture on the wall :)