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    Split 10's vs 6 always!!

    Wong says Wongs book Professional BJ says that it is the correct play to split 10's against a 6 at a count of +4, against 5 at +5, and against 4 at +6. But they do say that it could bring heat. I don't do it but I might try it on my next trip if I want to try and clear the table. Thats a...
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    Is shuffle tracking a thing of the past...

    Is shuffle tracking a thing of the past, or can it still be used in casinos. I know that casions have automatic shufflers but do they use them on 4 or more decks. I have only played single deck in reno and vegas never a shoe but the idea of shuffle tracking sounds good if it can be mastered...
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    Anyone played a reservation near sacramento

    I was just wondering if anyone here has played any of the indian casions near sacramento and if so how were the rules and the penn. Thanks.
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    High-Low question

    thanks again. do you know who has a good book on the hi-opt? also what do you think of the zen? Thanks.
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    High-Low question

    Thanks for the info. I have looked into the Hi-opt II but I don't like the Ace side count. I am sure I can deal with a multilevel count but the side count might screw me up in a casino and I know that casino error is not good. What about the Hi-opt with out the ace count or the Zen count are...
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    Front loading/First basing question

    Is front loading/first basing still legal and if so, is it still possible or are the dealers better trained to make sure they don't flash the hole card. Anyone know any traits of a sloppy dealer? Thanks.
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    High-Low question

    I have learned the high low count as well as the BS strategy variations in wongs book professional BJ. I haven’t used it in a casino yet and I was wondering if anyone who has can tell me how its been for them. I am debating if I should switch to a multilevel count or if the high low will make...